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What Makes Our SEO Different?

blue media is an SEO company from San Diego, California, and our team members have a vast experience in SEO for decades.
But what else makes blue media special and different compared to other SEO agencies?
Special SEO Services
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Enterprise Experience

One of our main unique qualities is that we’ve been working with some very big companies over the years. While it’s very hard for smaller local SEO agencies to get their hands on big brands, our team members worked with companies such as Ford, Procter & Gamble, Bayer, and many more in the past and use this enterprise experience to form our strategies for your business. This is one of the main distinguishing characteristics of blue media.
Enterprise SEO
Small Business SEO

Small Businesses

Due to our many years of experience across all industries, we have some special tricks up our sleeve to help smaller companies to get visibility and reach. Our team has over 20 years of experience building and designing SEO campaigns for smaller businesses. The goal is to achieve conversions on our Client’s websites to increase their sales.

Holistic SEO

Our holistic SEO is about designing an SEO campaign tailored to your company. We do not follow predefined processes and do not offer packages, but take into account all of your company’s goals, which also includes your organizational infrastructure.

The competitive environment is also one of the most important key points of designing the right SEO strategy for you. Once all units come together such as company, goals, shareholders and the competitive environment, we design a comprehensive and tailored SEO strategy, which we call holistic SEO.

Google Certification Social Media Manager Certification Best SEO Company 2021 YouTube Partner ADA Compliant Website

Website Development with SEO Power

As an SEO agency blue media is also web development agency in San Diego, CA that has a team of web developers as well as UX/UI/Design experts on board.
Website Projects for SEO

Website Projects for SEO-Driven Campaigns

As an SEO agency blue media is also web development agency in San Diego that has a team of web developers as well as UX/UI/Design experts on board.

Conversion-Driven Web Design

Working with SEO Experts with software and web development knowledge has its benefits: All SEO recommendations go through an extensive feasibility checkup. Besides recommending changes on your website to make it ready for SEO, we can also apply all these SEO recommendations to your website as well. Needless to say: our website development is always in compliance with all SEO principles as we are an SEO agency after all.
Website Development for SEO

Website Development Services for SEO

All SEO audits and recommendations can also be applied through us, and you don’t need another costly agency, or have to go through a cumbersome process internally to get the job done by your dev team. All we need is access to your website – just wait and see what all the SEO recommendations we provide can do in just a matter of days.

26+ Years Experience in Software Development

The founding member of blue media has been developing custom software since 1996. blue media’s founder, Dr. William Sen, started as a software engineer and has been developing software for small, mid-size, and enterprise companies for more than 26 years.

Dr. Sen became a Search Engine Optimization Specialist in 2001, which turned out to be the perfect combination of expertise with Software Development. Since then, blue media has been one of the few software-driven SEO companies. With our knowledge in software engineering, we were able to develop and distribute our own custom SEO tools that gave us a great advantage among other SEO agencies.

But more than that, we have been helping dozens of companies by developing software for them. The longest relationship in software development with Dr. Sen has been with VICO Research, one of the leading companies in social listening. Dr. Sen has been developing core crawler technologies as well as SaaS dashboard solutions for almost a decade.

Do you have a software project you would like us to take care of? Ask us!

Strategic Transfer

We live in two worlds: we’re strategically driven and high-level executives ourselves, while at the same time we know how to communicate and motivate programmers, because we live in the same realm as they do. We can transfer your strategic and high-level items to real software results. We have the mindset of a CIO, and the skillset of a programmer.

UX/UI Design

We create prototypes and designs of the software before it goes into coding. The prototype simulates the software and gives you a distinctive idea of the features of the software.

Technical Specifications

No matter how small or big a project is, the Technical Specifications lay out the planning stages and are a part of the ground work. Tech Specs are one of our fortes. Read our recent article about the Importance of Tech Specs by Dr. William Sen.

Software Development

We have an agile approach when it comes to coding and programming. We have our own programming team, but we also manage your internal and offshore programming teams with professionalism. We love what we do, and are always happy to share our knowledge with other teams we work with.
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