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That Grow Traffic, Increase Revenue & Maximizes Your Bottom Line.

Are you struggling to find an honest SEO company that drives results? We don't offer packaged SEO like other agencies. Instead, we have a dedicated SEO specialist that focuses on your business and drives real results. Contact us to learn moe.


Some of our SEO results

Started in November 2021 with 1,100 keywords, now have 5,600 ranking keywords.

Started in April 2021 with 4,800 ranking keywords, now have 27,000 keywords.

Started in August 2022 with 500 ranking keywords, now have 4700 keywords.

Started in July 2022 with 7,400 ranking keywords, now have 12,500 ranking keywords.

Traffic went from 0 to 78,000+ visits per month. 

Traffic went from 0 to 650+ visits per day.

Traffic went from 6,000 to 14,000  visits per month.

Traffic went from 3,300 to 54,000 visits per month.

blue media SEO Agency

Blue media specializes in SEO for small business owners, medium sized businesses and enterprise-level companies.

SEO can be a successful marketing channel for any business, large or small if you hire the right agency. We know SEO and have built successful SEO campaigns for hundreds of companies.

  • We have over 70 SEO clients across the United States, Europe, and Australia
  • We have grown our client base by over 300% in 5 years due to our commitment to our clients and high quality results.

Dr. William Sen (Co-Founder) holds a PhD in Computer & Information Sciences and was the Director of Software Engineering for several enterprises. He’s developed custom SEO software for international companies such as P&G and has been an SEO professional since 2001.

Connor Bringas (Co-Founder) has been an SEO/PPC professional for 15 years, working with many Fortune 500 companies. In the past he managed SEO/PPC Managers and Specialists developing strong relationships with clients and creating robust SEO/PPC campaigns.

From 0 to SEO Success

After launching the website, this client saw almost no ranking improvements. Once blue media marketing started, keyword rankings skyrocketed resulting in an increase in traffic and conversions.

SEO Client Example

SEO Success Story

We built a solid SEO strategy for this client from building out the site structure to developing high-converting landing pages, this client went from 10,000+ visits per month to 65,000+ visits per month just from SEO.

SEO Client Example

Grew SEO Traffic

Traffic is important, not only to grow brand recognition but to capture conversions/sales. This client wanted both and we delivered.

SEO Client Example

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up:

SEO specialists with at least 10 years of SEO strategy, implementation & data analysis experience.

SEO Strategy and Setup

We identify growth opportunities & build strategies based on this

 Website analysis used to build strategy

 Competitor analysis to build strategy

SEO Campaign Buildout

SEO content strategy & buildout

SEO roadmap creation and execution

Site structure buildout


Ongoing SEO Support & Optimization

Weekly SEO optimizations

Weekly/bi-weekly calls

Quick response times

 Dedicated SEO specialist



SEO Tracking & Reporting

SEO conversion tracking setup

Monthly SEO reports

On-going reporting of progress


Hugo Boss Ford Fan Award Pricewaterhouse Coopers Inspire Energy Unique Solar

Hugo Boss Fragrances

How Traffic Increased 3,000%

Given the task to increase sales during Christmas, blue media's team achieved an unbelievable growth of 3,000% plus in traffic in November and December for Hugo Boss.


Ford Motor Company

First Social Media Campaign in the Automobile Industry

The Ford FanAward was the first successful Social Media Campaign in the German car industry, and it was launched by the blue media team


Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Finding Future Trends for PwC

Pricewaterhouse Coopers had the most exceptional SEO request for the blue media team: Target decision makers only.


Inspire Energy

Generating Leads Through SEO

Inspire was one of the Energy Companies that took advantage of the deregulated U.S. Energy market and needed help with SEO


Unique Solar

Website Development & Paid Search

We developed a website for Unique Solar after a Competitive Teardown, and launched a successful Paid Search Campaign


Why blue media for SEO Services?

Are you struggling growing your organic presence across Google and Bing? Have you been heavily relying on brand for years? Maybe you hired SEO agencies in the past and were burned.
We're here to help.

Increase your visibility

We’ll help grow your business by executing a custom SEO strategy based on in-depth research.

Reduce your costs

Get more relevant traffic for a fraction of the cost. We’ll help save you money. SEO is one of the cheapest marketing channels for driving relevant traffic.

Increase your conversions

We aren’t like other SEO agencies who show phantom metrics like keyword rankings and bounce rates. Ya sure that’s important but we focus on conversions.

Types of SEO services we offer

We'll help you grow your search rankings, traffic and ultimately sales/conversions

On-Page SEO Services

Our goal is to leverage on page SEO to improve organic search presence. Our on-page SEO practices are far better than other SEO agencies due to our immense knowledge in different industries, in-depth research, and high quality implementation tactics.

Are you a location based or service based business? Then local SEO is essential to growing your business online. We are experts in local SEO as well as GEO targeted SEO. We’ll improve your website for local searches as well as your Google My Business listing.

Keyword Research & Strategy

We have dedicated SEO specialists that work tirelessly on client accounts identifying optimal keyword targets for overall sales/conversion improvements and traffic growth. We’ll build keyword lists that are ideal to capture more market share for your business.

Technical SEO Services

Building a strong foundation is important for SEO. We do a full analysis of your website to fix any errors for better indexability, crawlability, and ultimately improve SEO rankings. Rankings, traffic and conversions can improve just from Technical SEO efforts.

Franchise SEO Services

Are you a multi-location business? We know all about building franchise SEO strategies based on GEO targeting. In fact, we’ve worked on websites with 100,000+ pages built JUST to target different cities, neighborhoods and states around the U.S. – very few SEO agencies have this kind of enterprise SEO experience.

Most of our clients have websites built on Shopify. In fact, we even have clients from SharkTank with Shopify websites. We’ll build entire strategies around your e-commerce store to improve sales and market reach. In addition, we perform Shopify audits and have experience with Shopify paid advertising campaigns.

Our team of writers have experience in many, many industries producing high-quality SEO friendly content for websites. They perform in-depth research on every topic to ensure the content ranks high and user engagement is high. Let us help improve your brand through content writing.

Not only do we have experience growing ecommerce websites, but we also know what helps improve revenue on-page. We’re here to drive traffic and improve conversions through master dev lists and on-going ecommerce SEO implementation. We’ll work with your team or vendors to grow your online store. 

Grow your business by offering our SEO services under your brand. We work with many marketing agencies and other providers around the U.S. offering our top notch SEO services. We are open to many different arrangements such as managing the client completely, working with your company and more. Contact us to discuss.

What Types of Businesses Do We Work With?

Location Based Businesses With a Store Front Such As Gyms, Restaurants, Stores, and more

Service Based Businesses Such As HVAC, Roofers, Pest Control, Landscapers, Painters, Massage Therapists, Solar, Housekeepers, Tree Businesses and more

Franchise/Multi-Location Businesses

Loan Companies

Dispensaries or Any Company in the Cannabis Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire an SEO agency?

At blue media, our pricing varies based on several factors such as the size of the website, your goals, scope of the project, and more. Our SEO campaigns start from $1,650/mo, however there are exceptions depending on your needs.

Are SEO agencies worth it?

Yes, SEO can be extremely effective and it is much cheaper to hire an SEO agency then do SEO in house. However, it really depends on the agency you hire. There are huge SEO agencies out their that make you and your business just another number. Instead, our SEO is tailored to your business. We create custom SEO strategies for each client and our SEO’s manage a small number of clients to provide the best possible service.

Is SEO still relevant in 2023?

Why wouldn’t it be? As long as their are search engines and websites to optimize it’ll be relevant for years to come.

What does an SEO agency do?

Our main job is to improve your website’s visibility on search engine result pages. But SEO is more than that. We help drive relevant traffic that converts. In addition, we help optimize existing traffic to convert.

What to look for when hiring an SEO agency?

We recommend working with SEO agencies that create custom strategies for each business they work with. Our experience speaks for itself. We provide weekly SEO updates, schedule weekly meetings to discuss the SEO strategy, and go over results monthly to make sure SEO is making a positive impact on every business we work with.

How often should SEO be done?

SEO isn’t a one and done marketing channel. But then again what marketing channel is? SEO needs to be done on an on-going basis to see results. We will NEVER run out of SEO items to do since we can always expand websites to capture more market share.

What Makes Our SEO Different?

We provide a tailored approach to SEO. After analyzing your competitors and marketplace, we determine the best SEO strategy for your business. We don’t offer packaged SEO. Instead we recommend and implement SEO that should have an impact on your business. In addition, we are extremely transparent with our SEO campaigns. Our clients receive weekly updates on the progress of their campaign as well as what’s next. We also highly recommend weekly or bi-weekly calls with a dedicated SEO specialist.

But what else makes blue media special and different compared to other SEO agencies?

Special SEO Services

Enterprise SEO Experience

One of our main unique qualities is that we’ve been working with some very big companies over the years. While it’s very hard for smaller local SEO agencies to get their hands on big brands, our team members worked with companies such as Ford, Procter & Gamble, Bayer, and many more in the past and use this enterprise experience to form our strategies for your business. This is one of the main distinguishing characteristics of blue media.

Small Business SEO
Due to our many years of experience across all industries, we have some special tricks up our sleeve to help smaller companies to get visibility and reach. Our team has over 20 years of experience building and designing SEO campaigns for smaller businesses. The goal is to achieve conversions on our Client’s websites to increase their sales.

Holistic SEO

Our holistic SEO is about designing an SEO campaign tailored to your company. We do not follow predefined processes and do not offer packages, but take into account all of your company’s goals, which also includes your organizational infrastructure.

The competitive environment is also one of the most important key points of designing the right SEO strategy for you. Once all units come together such as company, goals, shareholders and the competitive environment, we design a comprehensive and tailored SEO strategy, which we call holistic SEO.

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Chula Vista, CA SEO (6.92 mi)Bonita, CA (8.35 mi)
La Mesa, CA SEO (8.80 mi)Imperial Beach, CA (9.56 mi)
El Cajon, CA SEO (12.77 mi)Santee, CA (13.79 mi)
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