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Located in San Diego, the epicenter of Biotech, Information Technology and Online Marketing, we offer tailored SEO services. With a high concentration and intense competition among SEO companies in California, especially in San Diego, we are one of the few that have prevailed due to our exceptional service and proven track record of success.

Yet, choosing the right SEO firm can be challenging. Top-notch SEO experts are scarce, and the best often join large enterprise SEO companies in the San Diego area.

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The Cost of Hiring an SEO Manager in San Diego

For many businesses, partnering with an SEO agency can be a more effective choice than hiring an individual SEO expert.

In San Diego as of 2024, the salary for an SEO Manager ranges between $72,325 and $92,116, averaging around $74,575 as per data research. Beyond this base salary, additional costs for employment taxes, benefits like healthcare, workspace, equipment, and paid leave can add upwards of $20,000, pushing the total expense over $110,000 for a single hire.

Additionally, the most skilled SEO professionals often command salaries higher than $90,000, which means you might not attract the top talent without competitive offers. Recruiting from other firms can also involve significant recruitment costs.

Advantages of Choosing a San Diego SEO Agency

An SEO agency in San Diego eliminates many of these overheads. Agencies don’t require workspace or traditional employment benefits and offer continuous availability, even covering for staff vacations.

In a city like San Diego, where labor costs are notably higher than the national average, choosing an SEO agency can be a more cost-effective solution.

Blue Media SEO Agency

About Blue Media

Blue media specializes in SEO for small business owners, medium sized businesses and enterprise-level companies.

SEO can be a successful marketing channel for any business, large or small if you hire the right agency. We know SEO and have built successful SEO campaigns for hundreds of companies.

The Founders

Dr. William Sen is the CEO and brings over 20 years of experience in providing SEO services. He’s also an Associate Professor at TH Cologne, Germany’s leading University of Applied Sciences, where he teaches SEO. In 2001, he developed the first set of SEO/SEM guidelines for Procter & Gamble and also launched Ford Motors’ first social media campaign.

Connor Bringas serves as the Shareholder and boasts 18 years of experience as an SEO/PPC expert. Over his career, he has consulted for Fortune 500 companies like Expedia, Microsoft, and Intuit. He oversees a team of SEO Managers and Specialists, builds strong client relationships, and crafts effective SEO campaigns.

Client Reviews

Client Experience

Blue Media Marketing, Inc.

Premier SEO Partner for Shark Tank's Company Picks

Blue Media is the SEO Agency for companies that have made their mark on ABC’s Shark Tank. Our mission is to boost the online success of these innovative Shark Tank selections, reflecting entrepreneurial spirit showcased on the show.

Shark Banner

* Shark Shank is an ABC TV series with which Blue Media has no direct affiliation. However, we have provided SEO services to several companies that have pitched their business ideas on Shark Shank and have subsequently secured investments from one or more judges on the show. Our involvement with these companies has been strictly as an SEO or SEM service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

At blue media, our pricing varies based on several factors such as the size of the website, your goals, scope of the project, and more. Our SEO campaigns start from $1,650/mo, however there are exceptions depending on your needs. We do have clients that pay as little as $500/mo. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and we can provide a formal quote.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Search Engine Optimization remains a vital business component as long as search engines play a central role in navigating the digital landscape. These search engines, such as Google, rely on SEO specialists to comply with their guidelines, ensuring websites are constructed in a manner that is easily crawlable and comprehensible.

In fact, Google goes a step further by offering certification programs to professionals outside their organization, educating them on effective website design aligned with Google’s standards. These guidelines are predominantly tailored for SEO experts, aiming to enhance user experience. Mastery in SEO and strict adherence to Google’s guidelines are key factors in achieving high search rankings. As of [year], a website’s visibility and significance are highly contingent on effective SEO implementation – without it, the likelihood of a website achieving visibility significantly diminished.

Our primary objective is to elevate your website’s prominence in search engine results, but our services extend far beyond that. We specialize not only in enhancing visibility but also in attracting relevant, high-quality traffic that leads to tangible conversions. Furthermore, we focus on optimizing your current traffic, ensuring that every visitor has a higher potential to convert into a valuable customer. Our approach integrates both visibility enhancement and conversion optimization.

When selecting an SEO agency, it’s crucial to choose one that develops strategies tailored to the unique needs of each business.

This personalized approach is a hallmark of our service. Our proven track record is a testament to our expertise. We offer consistent engagement and transparency through weekly SEO updates and regular meetings to discuss strategy.

Additionally, we conduct monthly reviews to assess the impact of our SEO efforts, ensuring that each business we partner with experiences a positive and measurable difference. 

SEO is not a one-time marketing endeavor; in fact, no marketing channel truly is. To witness tangible results, SEO demands ongoing effort and attention. Our approach ensures that we continuously find new SEO tasks to undertake, as there’s always room for expansion and improvement. By consistently enhancing and growing your website, we aim to capture a larger market share, ensuring that the potential for SEO-driven growth never diminishes. This continual process of optimization and expansion is key to maintaining and strengthening your online presence.

Results You Can Count On

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Traffic and client engagement can surge by up to 257% within the initial three months based on our experience.

conversion rate
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Up to 350% and more conversions are likely to happen with SEO measures applied on your website.

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97% of our clients stay with us for more than 3 years on average, most of them for more than 8 years and longer.

Some of our SEO results

After 16 Months

Visits per MONTH
0 K+

Started in 1.5 years ago with 1,100 keywords, now our Client has 5,600 ranking keywords.

Traffic went from 0 to 78,000+ visits per month..

After 8 Months

Visits per Day
0 +

Started 8 months ago with 4,800 ranking keywords, now have 27,000 keywords.

Traffic went from 0 to 650+ visits per day.

After 3 Months

Visits per Day
0 K+

Started in only 3 months ago with 500 ranking keywords, now have 4,700 keywords.

Traffic went from 6,000 to 14,000 visits per month.

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up:

SEO & PPC Specialists With 20+ Years of Strategy, Implementation & Data Analysis Experience.


Strategy and Setup

SEO Campaign Buildout

Campaign Buildout

SEO Support

Ongoing Support & Optimization

SEO Tracking & Reporting

Tracking & Reporting

How Does It Work?

Why Blue Media from San Diego?


Our team has been providing SEO services for over 20 years.


We specialize exclusively in SEO, dedicating all our resources and expertise to this singular focus.


Our SEO strategy is specifically tailored to meet your unique needs, rather than following a rigid, pre-packaged process

Increase Visibility

Increase Your Visibility

We'll help grow your business by executing a custom SEO strategy based on in-depth research.

Reduce costs

Reduce your costs

Get more relevant traffic for a fraction of the cost. We'll help save you money. SEO is one of the cheapest marketing channels for driving relevant traffic.

Increase Conversions

Increase your conversions

Our philosophy is that while rankings and traffic are important for SEO, the ultimate goal of SEO is to drive conversions and sales for your business.

Types of Services We Offer

We’ll help you grow your search rankings, traffic and ultimately sales/conversions

Learn about our proven SEO concepts, methods, and experience

All you need to know about our PPC Campaigns such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more

Learn about our approach to local SEO and GEO targeting for your business

Learn more about how we have helped hundreds of online stores

Learn how our SEO Content team can boost your content

Learn how our team of specialized Shopify SEO experts can help grow your business
What Types of Businesses We Work With
Health Care Industry
SEO for the Health Care Industry
Doctors, Medical Professionals, Medical Offices, Urgent Care Centers
Law Firms
SEo for Law Firms
Specialized Law Firms such as for Personal Injury, Mediation Services, and more.
eCommerce Businesses
SEO for E-Commerce

Online shops and online services, where users make purchase on the website.

SEO for Dentists
Doctors, Medical Professionals, Medical Offices, Urgent Care Centers
Doctors, Medical Professionals, Medical Offices, Urgent Care Centers
SaaS Companies
SEO for SaaS Companies
Doctors, Medical Professionals, Medical Offices, Urgent Care Centers
Location Based Businesses
Location Based SEO

Businesses with a store front such as gyms, stores, restaurants, event locations, and more.

Service Based Businesses
SEO for Service Based Companies

HVAC, Roofers, Pest Control, Landscapers, Painters, Therapists, House Keepers, and more.

Financial Institutions
SEO for Financial Organizations

Loan Companies and other forms of financial institutions for business and personal.

SEO for the Education Industry

Universities, colleges, and schools domestic and international.

SEO for NGOs

Non-Profit-Organizations that are not associated with any government.

Energy Business
SEO Services for Solar Panels

Solar Panel Companies, Gas and Electric Company in Deragulated Markets, and more.

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Disclaimer: The “Results You Can Count On” section includes illustrative examples of potential outcomes. For an in-depth presentation featuring analytics and proven concepts from our actual clients, please contact us directly.

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