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blue media has been providing exquisite SEM/SEO services to marketing agencies around the world. At blue media, we provide two different SEM/SEO services. These include:

We help to build unique SEO strategies, lead SEM/SEO campaigns, and provide ongoing SEM/SEO campaigns for clients.

blue media can be your unrivalled SEM/SEO expert.

We’ve been providing outstanding SEM/SEO services to an assortment of marketing agencies, most of which weren’t really focusing on SEM/SEO to begin with.

If you’re a distinguished marketing company, you have to admit: it’s extremely challenging to compete with other marketing agencies that are more SEO/SEM savvy compared to your business. For us to put you ahead of the pack, we implement clever ideas that normally aren’t available to other marketing agencies.

At blue media, we have some special tricks up our sleeves. We use proprietary, self-developed SEO tools to improve your site’s Google ranking. We’ve been doing this for a long time, winning the hearts of several clients with our innovative and effective strategies.

Why do Marketing Agencies Engage External SEM/SEO agencies?

SEO for Marketing Agencies

There are a myriad of reasons why marketing agencies might fail to have their own in-house SEO teams. Building an SEM/SEO department can be extremely costly – a team that specializes in SEM/SEO usually consists of paid specialists, SEO managers, supervisors, and directors.

Even with a team of 4 members, you’re likely to spend $400K per year on salaries. Not to mention the additional costs of recruiting expenses, employment taxes, and benefits. This would only cover one department, either SEO or SEM, but seldom both – rarely do you find SEO experts who are equally good at SEM (and vice versa). If you do find one, you’ll have to consider paying them around $85K for that role alone. Yet you haven’t even hired someone to fill the shoes of the manager and supervisor.
Long story short, why pay an arm and a leg to create your own SEO/SEM team when you can engage an external agency for only a tenth of the cost?

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Our headquarters is located in sunny San Diego, California, but we provide solutions all around the United States.

We also have worked and have been working with international clients such as from China, Ireland, Australia, and Germany.


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