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Holistic SEO

Holistic SEO

Modern Approach to SEO in 2019

A holistic SEO model means that all SEO endeavors are not solely based on the basic principles of SEO, but surpasses the boundaries of On Page Optimization.

The common practices of SEO around 10 years ago were focusing on mostly On Page Optimization. Today’s SEO has to evolve from all marketing channels and support them. Whether it’s email marketing, classic banner advertising or social media engagement, today’s SEO has to integrate with all marketing channels. The reasons for cohesiveness are: The main goal of SEO is to not only drive traffic but also fulfill the overall vision of the company. From a strategic standpoint, channels such as paid media are helper agents of the company’s overall strategy. This means that SEO is also a part of online marketing, thus a subdivision of the enterprise strategy. Therefore, driving traffic alone to a website cannot be the sole goal of SEO. It has to account for branding, image & reputation, sales, and even issue management.

How Does A Holistic Seo Model Translate Into Practical Implementation?

Driving traffic to a website doesn’t necessarily fulfil the needs of a company that has an SEO campaign running. One of the main aspects are conversions – thus SEO has to account for the user expectation and user experience of the website. This means that design, web development, and content recommendations become an essential part of the SEO process as well as Call-to-Action placements throughout the website.

Content Production

Content production is also another aspect of SEO. Sure, it’s based on Keyword Research to drive traffic to articles, blog posts, product pages and other sections of the website. However, the value of the content and its relevance to the user are other aspects that have to be considered. On top of everything, SEO strategists have to make sure that content is relevant and of high quality. Only good content will engage and eventually convert the user.

In-Depth Analytics

Another aspect of online marketing is data analytsis. Today’s SEOs have to become number crunchers and develop a sixth sense for the customer journey. Only then will an SEO be able to recommend new website sections, and innovative ideas that engage and convert the user.

Social Media Engagement

Cross-Distribution of marketing channels have become one of the most important aspects of SEO. Online marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are also content based, SEO has to be able to provide crosslinking, content assignments, images, ads, engaging articles, and understand user expectation and intent. It is inevitable that both channels such as SEO and Facebook are harmonized, which means that a defined process for content production is established.

YouTube Marketing

Another important aspect is video marketing, as Youtube follows almost the same principles as the Google algorithm for Google Search. SEOs have to make sure that projects are delivered before a video goes live such as: Descriptions, Titles, Tags, Opening Screens, CTA-Recommendations, End Annotations, and many more.

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