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Unique Solar

We developed a website for Unique Solar and have been creating leads through a paid search campaign


Helping Solar Panel Companies


blue media helped Unique Solar to not only get a stunning website with the right conversion elements, but also to acquire leads through our Paid Search Campaign.

OUR MAIN GOAL Create a Stunning
Paid Search Campaign
Unique Solar

Paid Search Wireframe ExamplePPC CAMPAIGN PREPARATIONS

How to Learn From Existing PPC Campaigns


First, we conducted a thorough Competitive Research to identify which Paid Campaigns of the competition were the most successful, and most importantly, why they were performing so well.

Our Competitor Teardown helped us to create stunning wireframes that pointed out elements that were needed in order to get conversions from the website once we started the PPC Campaign.


Unique Solar Design ExampleWEBSITE DEVELOPMENT

How to Provide a State-Of-The-Art Website


Next, we developed a stunning website with the help of our highly skilled partner iCatch Marketing from San Diego, who provided us with state-of-the-art website designs according to our outlined wireframes.

blue media then programmed the website, and has been providing the PPC campaign for Unique Solar ever since.



Creating Leads Through the PPC Campaign


For the first time in the history of Unique Solar, leads through a Paid Campaign came through. And the best part of it: A significant amount of them are coming from the commercial sector: the most profitable leads for Solar Panel companies.

Did you know? blue media is an expert in the Solar Panel Industry.


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