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If you’re an agency looking to offer top-tier PPC/SEM services to your clients,
Blue Media can be your ideal partner.

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How Does It Work?

If you’re an agency looking to offer top-tier SEM/PPC services to your clients, blue media can be your ideal partner.

We can seamlessly integrate with your existing processes, communicate through your designated email channels if preferred, and deliver industry-leading PPC solutions to meet your clients’ needs.

White Label SEO/PPC Services
SEO/PPC White Label Costs

Payment Structure

We offer flexible pricing models that scale according to your client’s size. Our Search Engine Marketing services operate on a monthly retainer basis but can also be further dependent on the client’s Ad Budget.

At blue media, our primary objective is to cultivate long-term relationships with clients.

Why blue media?

With a proven track record, blue media has been delivering exceptional white label SEM services to a diverse range of marketing agencies, many of which haven’t specialized in these areas.

We understand that for a prestigious marketing company like yours, it can be a daunting task to compete against agencies with more advanced SEM expertise. That’s why we focus exclusively on SEM/PPC, boasting a team comprised solely of experts who specialize in these domains.

Consider blue media your hub for all things PPC.

Introduction to Blue Media
White Label SEO/PPC Benefits
  • Optimal support of your customers due to our years of project management experience
  • Satisfying your customers with high quality deliverables
  • Support in sales pitches in SEM/PPC with a very strong sales team
  • We guarantee that with us aboard, your chances to win a PPC pitch will increase to more than 80%!
  • Highly profitable and less costs involved, than building your own PPC team

Why White Label PPC Services?

There are numerous challenges associated with establishing an in-house PPC/SEM team for a marketing agency. The financial commitment is significant; a specialized SEM department typically requires a roster of paid specialists, paid search managers, supervisors, and directors.

Even with just a four-member team, you could be looking at an annual salary outlay of around $400,000. This doesn’t include the hidden costs like recruiting expenses, employment taxes, and employee benefits.

Also consider that this estimate covers expertise in either SEO or SEM, not both. It’s a rarity to find specialists who excel equally in both fields. Should you find such a unicorn, you’re likely looking at a salary of around $120,000 just for that individual role—excluding the managerial and supervisory positions.

In summary, why invest a small fortune to build an in-house SEM team when you can access expert services at a fraction of the cost from an external agency that has already built the infrastructure?

Why Agencies Partner With Us

We take partnerships with agencies very seriously. It’s important that the partnership we build is mutual for both us and the other agency. That’s why we provide a seamless solution: Integrate PPC management into your services. You can bypass the challenges of hiring and training in-house staff and we’ll handle the rest.

Confidential SEO
Fully Confidential

We completely white label and integrate ourselves with your team from emails to decks and everything in between. Your clients do not have to know Blue Media is the service provider.

SEO Account Ownership

Account Ownership

You keep all the data and access. We will never lock your agency or your client out from any accounts. You keep all the data, creatives, ad copy, campaigns, everything. 

SEO Support

Ongoing Support

We can help you every step of the way from sales to client support including communication and on-going client management.

Meet The Founders

Dr. William Sen is the CEO and brings over 20 years of experience in providing SEO services. He’s also an Associate Professor at TH Cologne, Germany’s leading University of Applied Sciences, where he teaches SEO. In 2001, he developed the first set of SEO/SEM guidelines for Procter & Gamble and also launched Ford Motors’ first social media campaign.

Connor Bringas serves as the Shareholder and boasts 18 years of experience as an SEO/PPC expert. Over his career, he has consulted for Fortune 500 companies like Expedia, Microsoft, and Intuit. He oversees a team of SEO Managers and Specialists, builds strong client relationships, and crafts effective SEO campaigns.

FAQ's About
White Label Search Engine Marketing

At blue media, our white label SEM pricing varies based on the Google ads budget. We typically charge a flat fee of $850/mo and any budgets above $10,000/mo we charge 12% of budget spent per month. Lastly, budgets above $50,000/mo we lower fees to 10% of total budget. However, we are flexible with our pricing and typically work with the agency that wants to white label. If you have a price in mind please let us know. We’d be happy to work together and grow your clients with you.

Our Google ads services are the same whether we white label or not. We always provide the highest quality work. Our services include full campaign creation and management. We provide weekly reporting on key KPI’s, monthly reporting, weekly updates on campaign progress and make the necessary adjustments to improve conversion value to cost and cost per conversion. We also schedule weekly/bi-weekly calls to discuss campaign performance, recent changes and future changes. Our Google ads campaigns are managed by US based SEM specialists.

Typically agencies white label with us when SEO or paid search isn’t their core offering. We also have agencies white label when they choose to upsell existing clients with additional marketing services or expand their offerings to new clients as well. We can even help with the sales process by creating sales decks after analyzing competition. We’re here to help grow our agencies together.

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