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Software distribution is one of the most challenging endeavors in online marketing, for both B2B and B2C. The main problem is not the quality of the software, nor the demand but its visibility and easiness to find on the web.

When it comes to software distribution, the incredible power of SEM/SEO is often underrated.

In this article, we would like to present one of our most successful campaigns on performing SEO for a business software company.

How to become Market Leader in Software in 3 Years

Software Company

blue media’s team started an SEO campaign in 2009 with the company Infospeed, a SaaS developer for social listening tools. At that time, no one would know who or what Infospeed was. Only 3 years later, after an immense SEO effort, our client became the market leader for social listening and was amongst the best-known tools in the market. Our client immediately understood the power of SEO and a short time later started to spend 90% of their marketing budget solely for SEO. Here is our story::

SEO Success: What we did

Having enough time and budget for SEO, blue media created more than 800 pages on our client’s website for topics such as Social Media Monitoring and Social Listening. Our topics covered everything about social listening: Social Media KPIs, Blog Monitoring, Social Media Engagement, Topic Detection, Social Media Data Warehouse, Social Listening Process, and much more.

The massive high quality content made our client’s website the number one result for thousands of topics and keywords on search engine result pages (SERP). Every time someone was looking for topics around social listening, they would see the content of our client. After only 12 months, everybody knew the brand name of our client just because of their high visibility on the web.

This way, Infospeed, was able to be a part of the biggest pitches available. And with a strong sales team, they gained clients such as Bayer, T-Mobile, Hasbro, Tabasco, 3M, and many more. All thanks to SEO.

How our Client Fought Salesforce with SEO

The rankings and positions of our client, Infospeed, were so high that even Salesforce wasn’t a match for them. Our client had less than 50 employees at that time when Salesforce entered the same market as a competitor with their tool called Radion6. However, our client’s website rankings and visibility on the web were already around 60%, while the rest of the competition captured 40%. Salesforce eventually couldn’t keep up with the search engine race and was not able to get enough visibility on the web to get attention.

But that wasn’t enough for us!

How to Reuse Great Content

In Phase 2, the blue media SEO team repurposed many of their already written articles, rewrote them with other experts, and helped them to get published on popular online blogs and magazines. Not only were high-quality and natural backlinks created this way, but our client’s message was now available on several other reputable resources.

That was great, but we wanted to dominate. So, we went a step further!

How to Dominate the Software Market

In Phase 3, blue media took another step. Our client had now grown to be one of the largest knowledge resources in social listening. Eventually, the blue media team suggested launching its own magazine. A short time later, the first Social Media Magazine was published, which was initially composed of editors of our client’s workforce and the blue media team. The magazine became so successful that it could easily cover the costs of printing and content production. The magazine’s high reputation allowed high-level executives, as well as university professors and research organizations, to write and provide content for it. Ultimately, the immense number of quality articles catapulted our client’s website to be the undisputed SEO champion in its space. No other competitor was able to get that many rankings and that much visibility in such a short timeframe. In the end, no matter who was looking or searching for social media monitoring or social listening – it was impossible to miss the name of our client.

Social Listening Today

Finally, our client’s rapid rise led to the company’s successful M&A. One of the largest market leaders took over the customers, the business, and also the SEO content. The SEO campaign became part of the new marketing department and was led by the blue media team until 2016. This campaign was one of the most successful SEO campaigns ever created by the blue media team.

SEO for Software Companies

Not only did we learn a lot about the software industry and SEO during those years, blue media’s team was able to develop a series of proprietary SEO tools just for the software space.

If your product is based on SaaS or any other software, and you want to become our next success story, find out what we can do for you.

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