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blue media’s team has a vast experience in SEO for moving companies. We have even provided services for the top 100 moving companies in the U.S.
We’ve worked in the moving industry over the years. Every of our campaigns are tailored to each company’s specific needs. Our expertise is in driving leads for moving companies across the United States. also We specialize in GEO targeted moving campaigns tailored to targeting specific areas of the US.
We offer tailored solutions that are aligned to each moving business’ visions and strategies. blue media does not offer standardized packages and will always listen to you to understand your goals first before putting together a custom moving strategy for your business.
We use a scientific approach to provide results: We do our research first, then we create an action plan for your campaign based on the moving industry, moving competitors, and your custom goals and objectives.

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5 of 5 stars rating

We've been working with blue media for years, and it’s been an amazing experience with results we never would have thought were possible.

Jurgen Schmerler – CEO of VerifiR (San Diego, CA)
5 of 5 stars rating

blue media has taught us the importance of Search Engine Optimization. In a matter of weeks, our website traffic more than doubled, (an increase of upwards of 190%) and a visible increase in the number of qualified leads received each week.

Amy Ryan – Wattics.com (Ireland)
5 of 5 stars rating

blue media has been great to work with since our humble beginnings a few years ago. We have been able to acquire new clients, and new leads coming to us every day.

Danielle Miano – Director of Business Friendships at The Point (San Diego, CA)
5 of 5 stars rating

I have had the pleasure of working with blue media for over 5 years. Their work is the best in the industry and I have recommended them to many other companies over the years and will continue to do so.

Paul Greenwood – CEO of GDS LINK International
5 of 5 stars rating

blue media has been great partners for me in 3 separate companies. Our rankings have significantly increased with highly converting keywords. On PPC they were able to outperform an existing campaign by over 30%. I can’t recommend blue media highly enough.

Scott Lascelles – CEO, MySMBScore
5 of 5 stars rating

As great as always, blue media is extremely helpful with our new brand on both SEO and SEM. With their effort, blue media helped bring a GREAT amount of revenue just within 2 months.

Jacob Xi – Co-founder, Sijohome.com
5 of 5 stars rating

blue media has provided us with critical insight into our business. Their guidance and expertise have been essential in taking our business to the next level. I highly recommend their services, they are top notch!

Larissa Ivanoff – General Manager, Kalish Institute
5 of 5 stars rating

blue media has developed the website from scratch and developed key sections for my business. Now we're getting more calls from potential clients. I'm very happy with everything so far and will keep doing business with blue media.

Dr. Jerry Blum – CEO, USA Reading Clinic
5 of 5 stars rating

Blue Media was exactly what Kickfurther was looking for. Our goals for SEO were to establish a presence online amongst our competitors, produce quality content, increase traffic to our website and build brand awareness. Blue Media has helped us improve our search engine rankings, drive customers to our website using industry relevant keywords and establish consistency with content production for our site. They've taken the time to understand our industry and helped us develop a strategy that has produced results.

Kaylyn Perry – Manager, Content & Social
5 of 5 stars rating

The Blue Media team are SEO experts extraordinaire. Their approach is strategic, robust, and thoughtful and they are a true pleasure to work with. They took our SEO strategy and execution to a completely new level and their results speak for themselves – enthusiastically recommend!

Shoshana Glickman – VP of Marketing & Communications
5 of 5 stars rating

In a short period of time Blue Media has redesigned re-optimized our website. We have seen a significant increase in site visits and clicks, are excited to continue to see how our business grows with their expertise.

Russell Bryant – Founder/ CEO

blue media

What Makes Us Different

Blue media offers a tailored approach to each business. We don’t offer packaged marketing campaigns. We believe that every client has a different brand and needs a different strategy.



Our SEO and PPC Experience in the Moving Industry


blue media is one of the few agencies that is specialized in SEO for moving companies. We proviide SEO and PPC services for moving companies.

Moving CompanyThe competition in the moving industry is strong when it comes to SEO and search engine visibility. Enterprises such as UniGroup dominate Search Engines. And websites such as Mayflower.com and UnitedVanLines.com are among the top 5 market players when it comes to Search Engine Result Pages, with these companies having high Paid Search budgets. While companies such as UPack and Two Men and A Truck may not primarily focus on corporate or commercial moving, they have strong and powerful websites that cause them to rank high for keywords. Just an example: UPack and Two Men and A Truck have powerful SEO optimized websites, causing them to rank on Google for more than 200,000 keywords.

The question is: How can you outrank these giants? Here is how:

Page Type Opportunities

Even the biggest competitors miss SEO opportunities, and that’s where your company comes in. You can still dominate with Page Types the competition is missing, or even dismissing — since it might be too small of a market for them. In the past we have successfully integrated new Page Types into the websites of smaller and mid-size moving companies that would rank higher than the major market players.

Here are only a couple SEO Page Types that we have successfully utilized in the past:

  • Moving Truck
  • Packing Tips
    Even though packing is mostly a service provided by the moving company, providing packing arouses the interest of users, and therefore signals Google that you are an important source for moving: Therefore, your website starts ranking higher overall.
  • Loading Tips
    Loading tips have search volume, meaning: lots of users type these keywords in Google. By meeting the demand and making users happy, Google rewards websites with higher rankings and drives more traffic to them.
  • Moving for Seniors
    Having different categorizes for different target groups shows Google that your website provides valuable information to users. This helps Search Engines better understand your content and rank your website.
  • Moving for Kids
    The more users you attract with certain keywords, the more SEO value your website will gain. If you have valuable knowledge about Moving for Kids, write about it, and create your page according to SEO guidelines. Not only will your traffic increase, but all your other pages will skyrocket in rankings, too.
  • Moving for Pets
    The important thing for Google is to understand that your website provides a variety of information about moving. Once you establish this trust, all your other pages that aim for commercial or residential moving will increase in rankings just like that.
  • Moving Timelines
    Moving Timelines is one of the most powerful elements that help users to gain your trust. This typical and classic conversion element will help to engage users on your website which is necessary to get rankings.
  • How to Move Videos
    Embedded videos on pages in compliance with SEO guidelines will not only help you to gain the trust of users, but the trust of Google, too.
  • How to Articles / Moving Guides
    In SEO and the moving industry there are certain ways to embed guides and how-to-articles into a website architecture. Sections like these will help to increase user engagement and rankings.
  • Moving FAQs
    Most marketeers see FAQs as a trust element for users, and it certainly is. However, the right technology and SEO optimized content for your FAQ section will drive more traffic to your website. Did you know that Google doesn’t like most of the FAQ features/tools used on websites, mostly because they are not SEO compatible!
  • Forms & Documents (especially for International Moving)
    Even though, as a full service provider, filling out documents is your domain, creating sections like this have been proven to provide great SEO success for your website.
  • Checklists
    Google’s number one goal is to fulfill user expectations. If your website can successfully provide valuable content to users that seek information through Google, and Google acknowledges the value of your website, your content will rank higher.
  • Estimators-Tools
    It’s one of the strongest engagement tools on moving websites. The more your user engages on your website, the more users you’ll be sent by Google as they are less likely to “bounce back” to search results after finding what they need.
  • GEO Route Pages with zip code keyword targeting
    If you can create a successful GEO funnel on your website, you’ll show up for all locations nationwide where users are seeking moving companies. Imagine how many leads you’d get if you had Landing Pages for 40,000 locations in the U.S. Sounds impossible? Not with us: We have a proprietary GEO tool that can help to build up GEO-based Landing Pages. Local SEO keywords can rank higher for keywords since moving companies in certain locations have Google’s trust already in regards to their service areas. We call this technique “Creating a GEO Funnel” to signal to Google which areas your company is serving. Most moving companies do not utilize GEO Funneling: Learn how we implement a GEO Funnel into your website in this article.

SEO for Moving CompaniesWith strong CTAs (Call-to-Action) and beautifully designed landing pages by blue media, even smaller moving companies can easily capture users through search engines.

If you want to learn more about how much we know about SEO in the moving industry, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation.

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We also have worked and have been working with international clients such as from China, Ireland, Australia, and Germany.


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