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Blue media's team consisting of of SEM, SEO, Web Development and Social Media Marketing experts have been providing services since 2001 – that’s more than 17 years of experience. During this time, some of our team members served more than 300 clients, including big brands such as Ford, Bayer, Tabasco, T-Mobile, and many more. One of our USPs is our vast experience in different industries.

Dental SEO Dental SEO

The blue media team has been providing Dental SEO for Dentist Offices for more than 15 years.

Manufacturing Industry Manufacturing Industry

Learn how you can profit from the power of SEO & Paid Search Media for the manufacturing market, where blue media has been serving for so many years.

Solar Panel Industry Solar Panel Industry

We have been providing SEO & PPC services for Solar Panel Vendors for many years.

Energy Industry Energy Industry

We're SEM & SEO specialists in the energy and renewable energy business. View our success stories in the energy business.

Automobile Industry Automobile Industry

Our team has been providing services for the automobile industry for more than 17 years. We started our first campaign with Ford in 2004.

Construction Business Construction Business

One of the most complex industries there is, and yet we have been providing SEM/SEO services.

SEO for Hospitals, Healthcare, and Medical Offices SEO for Hospitals, Healthcare, and Medical Offices

As of 2021, more than 95% of users conduct their first search online to find a local doctor or practitioner. We're specialized in SEO health care.

White Label SEO & SEM Services White Label SEO & SEM Services

For the past 15 years, blue media has been providing exquisite SEM/SEO services to marketing agencies around the world.

SEO for Lawyers SEO for Lawyers

BLUE MEDIA team has been providing SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms for more than 10 years. Learn about how we perform SEO in the legal industry.

Software & SaaS Industry Software & SaaS Industry

blue media has been providing SEO and PPC services for the Software & SaaS industry for more than 10 years.

Sports, Yoga & Meditation Sports, Yoga & Meditation

Our clients include Yoga, Meditation and brick and mortar sports clubs.

Travel Industry Travel Industry

SEO is one of the most important source in regards to the travel industry - about 20% and more revenue is generated by organic search and GEO-targeting.

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Our SEO Approach & USP’s

2080 SEO Concept 2080 SEO CONCEPT

Learn more about BLUE MEDIA's unique SEO approach


The Holistic SEO


A strategic approach to SEO needs a thorough SEO Business Strategy


GEO Intelligence & SEO: How does it work?


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO was one our first online marketing services, and Dr. Sen, founder of blue media, has been in this business since 2001. Of course 19 years ago SEO was much different than today. For example, the term SEO wasn’t created until 2003, and yet Dr. Sen has been ranking websites on popular search engines long before this. SEO was called “Web Positioning” back in 2001. It’s unlikely you’ll find a California based agency with this much experience.

YouTube SEO & Marketing
White Label SEO Services for Agencies




SEM – Search Engine Marketing

So, you don’t want to wait until SEO kicks in and want to see revenue right away? No problem, our team of SEM specialists will set up your campaign and run ads that will target the right audience with the right message. We’ve been in paid media and advertising since the beginning of the Web.


5 of 5 stars rating

We've been working with blue media for years, and it’s been an amazing experience with results we never would have thought were possible.

Jurgen Schmerler - CEO of VerifiR (San Diego, CA)
5 of 5 stars rating

blue media has taught us the importance of Search Engine Optimization. In a matter of weeks, our website traffic more than doubled, (an increase of upwards of 190%) and a visible increase in the number of qualified leads received each week.

Amy Ryan - Wattics.com (Ireland)
5 of 5 stars rating

blue media has been great to work with since our humble beginnings a few years ago. We have been able to acquire new clients, and new leads coming to us every day.

Danielle Miano - Director of Business Friendships at The Point (San Diego, CA)
5 of 5 stars rating

I have had the pleasure of working with blue media for over 5 years. Their work is the best in the industry and I have recommended them to many other companies over the years and will continue to do so.

Paul Greenwood - CEO of GDS LINK International
5 of 5 stars rating

blue media has been great partners for me in 3 separate companies. Our rankings have significantly increased with highly converting keywords. On PPC they were able to outperform an existing campaign by over 30%. I can’t recommend blue media highly enough.

Scott Lascelles - CEO, PrimeRates
5 of 5 stars rating

As great as always, blue media is extremely helpful with our new brand on both SEO and SEM. With their effort, blue media helped bring a GREAT amount of revenue just within 2 months.

Jacob Xi - Co-founder, Sijohome.com
5 of 5 stars rating

blue media has provided us with critical insight into our business. Their guidance and expertise have been essential in taking our business to the next level. I highly recommend their services, they are top notch!

Larissa Ivanoff - General Manager, Kalish Institute
5 of 5 stars rating

blue media has developed the website from scratch and developed key sections for my business. Now we're getting more calls from potential clients. I'm very happy with everything so far and will keep doing business with blue media.

Dr. Jerry Blum - CEO, USA Reading Clinic

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