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Finding Future Trends for PwC


PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the largest professional consulting companies in the world needed to target decision makers through SEO. Not an everyday SEO requirement you come by as an SEO agency.

OUR MAIN GOAL Target Decision Makers
Decision Makers


Decision Makers

How Would You Target Decision Makers?


So, you want to target the most powerful people in the world with SEO?

Thorough research conducted one of blue media’s SEO experts revealed that decision makers were searching for topics that were not necessarily trending at the moment, but could be defined as ‘future trends’.

The next step in the SEO campaign was to identify future trends and create content around them.




SEO Research At Its Best

In order to find ‘future trends’ one of the most powerful Social Listening Tools were used to not only find trending topics, but also identify the most discussed topics in the media.

Afterwards trending graphs were created that showed which topics were increasing and which were declining naturally over time. As a result the most important future topics that decision makers were influenced by and growing in popularity were able identified.




The Power of Scientific Research 


Years later, the PwC campaign has proved to be one of the most successful campaigns — because only then it was possible able to show that all the identified topics were indeed now highly trending. Although at the time when the research was conducted, only a few people knew about these topics: the decision makers in large corporations.

Curious what those topics were? We’ll give you a hint: Things that fundamentally determine our lives today.

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