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March 2024



Keyword to Avoid

Keyword to Avoid

Here at blue media we strongly recommend to avoid using any keywords regarding Сοvіԁ for your campaigns. YouTube was the

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SEO in 2024

In the early days of SEO traffic was one of the most important KPIs. Optimization was mostly reduced to simple things such as optimizing Meta Description, Title Tags, H1s and H2s. Savvy SEOs would also go into content production and even implementing GEO based search was common such as creating content for specific locations. However, the success of an SEO campaign was mostly solely based on the traffic. Today, an SEO also must consider the conversion of a website. The question is, what good is traffic if it doesn’t convert?

Therefore, Conversion Optimization became extremely important for SEOs – this means that every SEO campaign nowadays has to consider CTA elements on every page. Even when providing content, today’s SEO has to come up with several recommendations regarding CTAs such as “Buy”-Buttons, “Recent” and “Popular Blog Post”. And when it comes to the overall look & feel of a website, an SEO most come up with design recommendations that will most likely convert. That’s why wireframing and even designing of a page or even the whole website is one of the assets of SEO.

This is where an SEO also has to understand the costs involved when recommending design changes and actually not only becomes a Web Developer, but also a cost optimizer when recommending development changes. One other skills that is often needed from SEOs working especially for bigger brands is an understanding for information technologies overall such as software development.

Lots of processes taking place during the efforts of driving conversions on a website that can lead to new widgets to engage the user. Elements such as price calculators and comparison tools are not considered web development, but more likely to be software development. Usually when the client understands the need of such software elements on a website, the overall vision of that element has to be designed. But when it comes to the part where it has to be coded, SEOs should have the ability to even provide technical specification documents which will tell the developer the user story and how the widget will exactly behave.

Another column of SEO is Social Media Marketing, where Social ROI and Social Optimization take a significant role. As lots of traffic nowadays is taking place outside the website, Social Media can become one of the most important conversion drivers of the business. Many opportunities would be lost if SEO were to focus solely on the website and ignore what is happening outside the property. Questions such as “How is the audience being addressed on the facebook page?” and “How can we get more subscribers on our YouTube channel” are just a few questions out of hundreds.

Long story short, today’s SEO has to accommodate for Web Development, Conversion Optimization, Software Development, and Social Media Marketing.