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Our team are specialized in creating SEO/PPC campaigns for lawyers and law firms for some time. Learn which elements are needed in order to create a successful SEO-campaign in the legal industry.

Law Firm WebsiteWebsite structure is critical to the success of an SEO campaign in the legal industry. Especially for lawyers, it is necessary that the website presents the service areas and specialties of the lawyer so that Google lists these pages on top of its search result pages. For example, it is not enough for lawyers to list their service portfolio on the homepage or on another page and merely describe them.

SEO for lawyers requires a special website structure that needs to describe each of their services on single pages created for SEO purposes only. For example, if the lawyer specializes in Traffic Law, an SEO Page must be created only for Traffic Law that complies with modern SEO guidelines. In SEO terminology, these pages are called “Landing Pages for Services”.

The necessity of such landing pages for lawyers is based on the following: due to the high level of competition, it wouldn’t be possible to capture traffic in a short time for generic search terms like “best lawyer in my area”. Mostly law firms that have been involved in in SEO campaigns for more than 10 years and have invested a large amount in marketing campaigns, can capture such traffic. We call these kind of keywords “power keywords”, and they promise traffic and conversions after an SEO campaign has already matured. That’s why another SEO approach is needed for lawyers to get ranked high on search engines within the first weeks of the SEO campaign.

SEO Specialists in the Legal Sector

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SEOs specializing in lawyers therefore have a different approach in order to position law firms on search engines, especially at the beginning of an SEO campaign. So-called SEO Category Pages need to be created, which describe the services of the lawyer. This way, users are directed to the page of the law firm looking for specific services, for example Family Law, Labor Law, Injury Law, and the like. Even with these main categories, subcategories need to be created. Looking at Injury Law for example, an elaborate SEO campaign would also create individual landing pages for Automotive Defects, Bicycle Accidents, Car Accidents, Dog Bites, Product Liability, and many more.

Finally, the goal of an SEO campaign in the legal industry is to create lots of relevant landing pages around the lawyer’s services, and to provide Google the signal that the website is an important resource for those areas and topics. That’s the only way to be listed on top of Google in the law firm’s location.

The SEO Power of Landing Pages for Legal Services

SEO for LawyersThe power of having individual landing pages for law firms has enormous advantages. Since users are looking for specific services rather than for lawyers in general, with such specific landing pages users will be able to find exactly what they have been looking for in their local area. There is no SEO campaign more successful than one that directs a user to a very specific page with the service they had just searched for. This special SEO method in the legal industry promises to create much higher conversions than presenting users a page that contains general information about the firm.
A conversion occurs, for example, when a user fills out a contact form or asks for a consultation because he or she was convinced by the content offered on the page. That’s why those landing pages described above need SEO content that has been created solely for the legal industry — SEO specialists in the legal branch already know what needs to be done to make these pages successful.

How to Convert Users Seeking for Legal Services

SEO Conversions for LawyersIn order to gain Google’s trust, these legal landing pages must also contain certain SEO elements that work specifically with the legal industry. Every SEO specialist with years of experience in the legal industry should be able to tell which technical SEO elements would be necessary on a law firm’s Landing Pages for Services.

But the technical elements make up only 50% of the success in SEO for lawyers. The other 50% are elements that are considered trust elements and are non-technical, but user-oriented. User Expectation and User Intent (UX/UI) are the two most important features when it comes to keeping a user on the page, and also motivate the user to engage with the website or landing page. This SEO concept is referred to as the Customer Journey in SEO and ultimately aims only to convince the user to contact the law firm. Only when these two SEO aspects: SEO technology and UX/UI (User Expectation/User Intent) are met, will you have created the groundwork for a successful SEO campaign in the legal industry

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