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BLUE MEDIA, located in San Diego, provides internet marketing services for small, medium and enterprise level clients. We’ve specialized in these services since 2001 and thus have more than 17 years of experience


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO was one our first online marketing services, and we have been in this business since 2001. Of course 17 years ago SEO was much different than today. For example, the term SEO wasn’t created until 2003, and yet we have been ranking websites on popular search engines long before this. SEO was called “Web Positioning” back in 2001. It’s unlikely you’ll find a California based agency with this much experience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

So, you don’t want to wait until SEO kicks in and want to see revenue right away? No problem, our team of SEM specialists will set up your campaign and run ads that will target the right audience with the right message. We’ve been in paid media and advertising since the beginning of the Web.

Web Development

BLUE MEDIA has a long history when it comes to Web Development. Our team members have been developing websites since the mid 90s. Many of our team members have more than 25 years of web development experience. We also have a strong team of web designers, UX/UI experts on board.

Social Media Marketing

SEO can’t live without Social Media Marketing. Creating and driving traffic is more than just on-page optimization and small changes on your website. Therefore all our SEOs are also social media experts and have been in this space since it was called Web 2.0. Learn about our social media audit and why it’s one of the key success factors for social media marketing and social media management. One of our specialties is also Social Listening.

Software Development

We have one of the finest developers in California working for us. In fact, Dr. William Sen, one of the founders of BLUE MEDIA, is a Software Engineer himself since 1996 and implemented the software engineering and technology culture into the heart of BLUE MEDIA. There is no software and no technology that we can’t do!

Jurgen Schmerler, CEO of VerifiR (San Diego, California)
“We've been working with BLUE MEDIA for years, and it’s been an amazing experience with results we never would have thought were possible.”
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