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The SEM/SEO Agency in San Diego, California

BLUE MEDIA is a Conversion Agency that focuses on SEM/SEO in San Diego, CA. We utilize all available digital marketing channels to provide traffic and conversions for your brand.

We have been performing SEO since 2001 and SEM since 2003.


BLUE MEDIA offers tailored solutions for every business, and does not offer packaged or standardized services. We believe that SEO and SEM campaigns need to offer more than just basic processes. Therefore, all our strategies are built and designed based on your unique situation, goals, and visions of your business.

Our SEM/SEO process acknowledges all available channels such as social media, web & software development, and content.

Connor Bringas has been an SEO and Online Marketing Professional for over 9 years, working with large companies including Microsoft, Intuit and more. In the past, he’s managed SEO Managers and Specialists developing strong relationships with clients and robust SEO campaigns. His specialties are SEM/SEO, Analytics, Conversion Funnels, and GEO Intelligence.
Dr. William Sen holds a PhD in Computer & Information Sciences. William has over 25 years of experience developing software, creating online marketing campaigns for international companies, and has been an SEO professional since 2001. His specialities are SEO, YouTube SEO & Marketing, Software Engineering, Social Media Marketing, and Social Listening & Research. He also has been teaching as associate professor for more than 7 years for Germany’s largest university TH Koln, and created the curriculum for Social Media Management & Marketing while teaching Strategic Marketing and Digital Publishing.



Jurgen Scherler, CEO of VerifiR (San Diego, California)
“We've been working with BLUE MEDIA for years, and it’s been an amazing experience with results we never would have thought were possible.”

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