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How blue media helped the Energy Company Inspire Garner More Market Share


High Competitive Markets Are Our Specialty!


The deregulation of the energy market in the U.S. opened up lots of opportunities for privately held energy companies to sell their products to residential and commercial sectors. At the same time, many competitors tried to gain market share in this newly created industry.

In the midst of all of this was Inspire Energy.

OUR MAIN GOAL Garner More Market Share
Through SEO

Customer Journey MapSEO AUDITS

Customer Journey Analysis


Our thorough Customer Journey Audits helped Inspire to see which search results attracted customers the most, which pages customers where clicking on, and where they were going next.

From insights like these Inspire was able to identify, focus, and redesign the most important pages of their website.




On-Page Optimization


On-Page Optimizations on a website that has not been the subject of a professional SEO campaign promise to show a tremendous increase in rankings within a short period of time.

Analyzing their current site structure provided new SEO opportunities for the website. Conducting these changes alone elevated the domain authority and keyword rankings of Inspire’s Website by 150% within only 2 months.



Conversion WireframesSEO RESEARCH

Increasing Conversions Through Research


By creating state-of-the-art wireframes based on A/B-Testing and Competitive Teardowns, blue media was able to tell Inspire Energy which elements needed to be on certain pages of the website to fulfill user expectations and thus increase conversions.



From 0 to Success


From almost no leads per month, Inspire Energy managed to make their website visible on search engines and attract new clients they didn’t have before thanks to blue media’s SEO.

Within a couple months, their leads increased to 20 or more per month which was a great success considering Inspire had no SEO sales funnel at all.

SEO Campaign Leads

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