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RSS Feeds and SEO

Negative SEO Impact of RSS Feeds

Why RSS feeds are SEOs worst nightmare and nobody seems to know about this! If you have WordPress or any other CMS installed that provides RSS feeds, you should disable it asap. Here is why…

Responsive Navigation

Responsive Navigation

Most people confuse responsive navigation with mobile-friendly navigation. If you are here to find out how to design or code

Importance of Guidelines in Web Development

One of the main challenges Web Development has to change in today’s environment is SEO compliance.

A website may look great and have the greatest impact on your clients. But in the end it will become quite worthless if nobody is able to find it through popular search engines such as Google. The question is: what’s your website’s value, if nobody is there to see it?

It comes down to one task on the end: Following the Google Webmaster Guidelines. And the webmaster guidelines of Google is actually nothing more than guidelins for SEOs.