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BLUE MEDIA is a web development agency in San Diego, CA that has a team of software & web developers as well as UX/UI/Design experts on board.

Web Wesign ExperienceWorking with SEOs with software development knowledge has its benefits: All SEO recommendations go through an extensive feasibility checkup. Besides recommending changes on your website to make it ready for SEO, we also apply all these SEO recommendations on your website as well. Needless to say: all our websites are in compliance with all SEO principles as we are an SEO company after all. 

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All SEO audits and recommendations can also be applied through us, and you don’t need another costly agency, or have to through a cumbersome process internally to get the job done by your dev team. All we need is access to your website – wait and see that all SEO we have recommended will come true in a matter of days.

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As SEO is an interdisciplinary branch, it also includes web design & development. Actually, BLUE MEDIA’s team has been designing and creating websites since the mid 90s. Over the years. Our approach to web design is based on research and conversion.


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Our SEO Philosophy and USPs

2080 SEO Concept
2080 SEO Concept

Learn more about BLUE MEDIA's unique SEO approach

Holistic SEO
Holistic SEO

One of BLUE MEDIA's USPs: The Holistic SEO

SEO Strategy
SEO Strategy

A strategic approach to SEO needs a thorough SEO Business Strategy.

GEO Targeting with SEO
GEO Intelligence

GEO Intelligence & SEO: How does it work?

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Bounce Rates Are Not a Ranking Factor for SEO

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The Best Process for Creating Websites
The Best Process for Creating Websites

As of 2018, a website campaign has to go through 8 so-called sprints: Objectives, Research, Architecture, Wireframing, Design & Mockup, Tech Specs, Coding, Migration.

Importance of Technical Specifications in Web & Software Development
Importance of Technical Specifications in Web & Software Development

In this part, I'd like to talk more about the power and benefits of technical specifications in any web and software development project: however, many organizations do not know what a Tech Specs are and how they can be created.

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