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Web Wesign ExperienceFor more than 15 years BLUE MEDIA has been developing custom plugins for WordPress. WordPress programming for plugins are a part of software development and require software engineering. The types of plugins vary between simple tools and elaborate software projects that can involve sophisticated features and can be classified as classic software projects.

A sophisticated software project can be than just a WordPress plugin. It’s considered an independent software, but uses the WordPress ecosystem as its main software framework. Often it makes sense to use the WordPress ecosystem to develop a software as several already existing features of WordPress can be utilized. Since WordPress already provides a CMS (such as the editor, permalinks etc.) the CRM part of the software doesn’t have to be reinvented, instead the WordPress features can be utilized easily. On top, WordPress already provides a fully configurable and also extensible user rights management, which can be used as an advantage for SaaS types of products. Long story short, WordPress can be the perfect environment for your software project.

As a WordPress development company located in San Diego, CA, we can not only create custom WordPress plugins for you, but also be engaged in larger scaled software projects using the WordPress plugin environment. In the end, we’re not just a WordPress development agency, but also software engineers. There is basically nothing we can’t do when it comes to software. Whatever you are imagining regarding software, call it WordPress plugin development or custom WordPress development, we can make your vision come through one way or another.

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