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What Makes Our Social Listening Different?


Social Listening (also known as Social Media Monitoring) helps companies understand and actively participate in forming and influencing their brand, reputation, and product through Social Media.

Social Listening does not just consist of identifying and analyzing important Social Media channels. Most of Social Listening lies in taking content from places like independent forums, blogs, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, review sites, and video portals. It is understood as a concept which results in action, meaning the results must include the embedding of a brand, product or reputation within the social community through communication, by using all necessary measurements and tools of online marketing.

However, before an action can take place, it’s necessary to know where discussions are happening in the social space, which opinions prevail, who the target audience is, and ultimately what their behavior and culture looks like in specific online communities.

Social Listening consists of several measures and should go beyond a simple status-quo-analysis. An important aspect of monitoring is Social Media Reporting. Only a proper report can lead to actionable measures. The goal of continuous monitoring and reporting is to take further measures, which can influence the community’s overall opinion on brands, their products, and their reputation.

The blue media team is one of the oldest experts in Social Listening and has been active in this field since 2005. For more than 18 years, blue media has advised companies and delivered reports about what is trending on Social Media.

Social Listening Technology

Social Listening is realized with the help of Social Listening Technologies and Social Media Monitoring Technologies. Completely automated Social Listening tools often have the disadvantage that irrelevant content can make the search results unusable. Ideally, a mix of an automated search and intellectual evaluation is necessary in order to provide the best possible outcome. blue media does not use completely automated systems but has developed a hybrid model which includes automated indexation, alongside a manual effort to retrieve relevant information, which eventually provides extensive and actionable executive summaries.

The blue media Monitoring Concept

The Social Listening concept below was developed by the blue media team in collaboration with various universities and companies:

Social Listening Concept

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