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Responsive Navigation

Responsive Navigation

Future or Past?

Most people confuse responsive navigation with mobile-friendly navigation. If you are here to find out how to design or code a responsive navigation – this article will help you:

A couple years ago a huge discussion around responsive navigation fascinated the word of SEO and web development.

But what is a responsive navigation? It is when the navigation of a website is subject to change based on user behavior. Imagine you as a user type in “men’s business shoes” on Google and click on the most promising URL, which happens to be the website of a popular fashion brand. When you land on that website, why should you also see “Yoga Pants” and “Purses”, right? Imagine that a smart website would know that you came from that search above and all in a sudden the menu navigation would change to “Casual Business Shoes”, “Classic Business Shoes” and “Comfortable Business Shoes”. It is still a great idea, but until today, the whole discussion never reached public attention. We will see and watch this development. In the meantime, this is a reminder for us: web development is always subject to change due to new trends.

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How to Create A Responsive Top Navigation

They are different ways how to create a Responsive Top Navigation that will be mobile-friendly. We have gathered the best sources that provide the best solutions that can help you out.

Easiest Solution: Using only CSS without JavaScript

If you want to know how to create a responsive menu only by using CSS, Tony Thomas has published an article that is one of the most up-to-date articles even it was published in 2014. The code Tony is providing is only a couple paragraphs of HTML and a little bit of CSS. It can’t be easier!

Responsive Design Templates

If you just want to create a responsive menu by using ready-to-go-templates, Brandley has one of the best collections and they’re all free to download. And the best: You can see the demo live before downloading:

Responsive Design using Frameworks

HTML5 and CSS Frameworks are very favorable as they provide a huge variety of designs you can use by only including classes:

Responsive Navigation without coding at all!

The easiest solution is provided by WordPress. Almost any theme nowadays is responsive. All you have to do is to find your theme and activate it through WordPress and you’re good to go. No more coding, no more design. Of course you are always free to tweak the Theme template the way you want.

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