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Will More Pages Lead to Better SEO Results?
by Dr. William Sen | CEO and founder of blue media

Will More Pages Lead to Better SEO Results?

Why You Don't Have to be a Giant to Rank High

Every website owner is guilty of studying other websites to draw comparisons with theirs. Drawing such comparisons can often lead to think that competitor’s are ranking better because of the amount of pages they have. Do they really have a better above other websites with fewer pages?

Some websites have some advantage over others, in regards of ranking on Google because of the huge number of pages they have. That is the turf of giants, with numerous resources at their disposal to influence their SEO. It seems difficult to compete with these giants on their turf in terms of SEO. But it’s not true. You can rank higher than any gigantic website. I will tell you how.

Let’s Count Pages First

To discuss this topic extensively, first it is important to let you know how to easily count a website’s page. If I want to know the amount of pages on a website for instance, you do not have to start clicking and checking page after page to count them.

Say I want to check for the number of pages on www.digitalwelt.org, I can make a Google search with “site:www.digitalwelt.org” typed into Google. Suppose Google returns “About 889 results”, this tells us that Google has crawled and has 889 pages of www.digitalwelt.org in its index — this is similar to the number of pages the website in question in fact has.

If you are interested in the number of pages contained in the subfolder “/en” of that website — which is the English version of Digitalwelt by the way — the simple search reference on Google will be  “site:www.digitalwelt.org/en/”, and this will also present accurate results.

With this out of the way, we can discuss the impact of page count on SEO and ranking without any inhibition. Let us delve right into it.

Big Websites Vs. Smaller Websites

The answer to this is not straightly defined because Google’s preferences for websites is actually defined by many parameters. Google is naturally disposed to websites with more content. However, despite defining content as king, it does not rule expressly.

Content can be too much and redundant in some cases that is why the focus is not entirely on the amount of content available. The big websites tend to attain high ranking because they have several pages performing well in terms of ranking. Google tends to trust websites whose pages are performing well in terms of user experience.

The advantage these big websites have is not just because of the many pages they have, but the fact that several of those pages are performing brilliantly. Having more pages also does give your website a higher probability of ranking which eventually determines the ranking parameters for your website. The most important proviso is still good content over many content.

Your content must first provide invaluable information to users. Then, you can leverage on the quantity of such content on your website. A website with many pages should only exist if it is offering its users tons of valuable information to attain higher rankings.

Let us look at some of the tips to attain higher rankings for websites below:

  1. Updated Fresh Content
    Google has more affinity for websites that constantly churn out fresh content. These updates are usually the foundation to attain higher rankings. Therefore, every website owner must invest heavily in fresh content. I also talked about this in the article “Get More Traffic Using the SEO Fresh Content Technique“.
  2. Content Production/ Topic Authority
    Google is interested in websites with focus on specific topics either via a blog or an article section. Such websites stand out as authority websites and they attract high rankings because they serve as resources for specific topics. Better results are achieved on these kinds of websites once you churn out more content people want to read because of its value.

 Attain High Rankings

The amount of pages on your website is not enough to determine and retain your website’s rank on Google. Numerous pages do not hold any advantage if the content they display is not relevant for users.

Google expects every website and the website’s SEO efforts to show that the content on the website is an invaluable resource for its niche. The first and most important step to becoming a big website is to cover a particular topic with distinction. Users will become attracted by the value your website presents. This is what will set your website apart from any other website contrary to the habit of throwing content out there recklessly.

Websites with high rankings are those websites with many content and pages — and this leads to a wrong assumption.

But if you look into it in more depth, you will see that the content and pages are brilliantly targeted to bring value first, before the ranking follows.

When next the SEO expert working on your website advices you to subscribe to a content production plan based on your keyword research, you should understand that they are giving this advice to ensure that your website hits the mark. Content determines the performance of any website. Therefore, you must not hold back when it comes to content for your website.

Google does not consider small websites with a few topics covered and not updated regularly as a topic authority. The quest is to become an authority website based on the strength of your content, which you must update regularly.

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About the Author
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. William Sen CEO and founder of blue media

William Sen has been an SEO since 2001 and is a Software Engineer since 1996, and has been working as an Associate Professor in Germany for the University of Dusseldorf and Cologne. He has been involved in developing custom SEO tools, large website and software projects. William has a PhD in Information Sciences and has been working for brands such as Expedia, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Bayer, Ford, T-Mobile and many more. He is the founder of blue media.

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Will More Pages Lead to Better SEO Results? Will More Pages Lead to Better SEO Results?

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