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Importance of Local SEO Tools
by Dr. William Sen | CEO and founder of blue media

The Importance of Local SEO Tools

GEO Targeting and SEO

One of the less pronounced factor that is gaining significant attention by the day, is Location Based Results, which has in a great way influenced the way pages are ranked on Google. To this end, GEO Targeted Landing Pages come with elements that significantly rank them higher than backlinks and content which are mainly the focus of many SEO professionals.

This article will serve as a resource containing invaluable information to intimate you with the working operations of a very powerful Local SEO tool and to help you understand a rarely discussed solution among SEO experts, despite its prevalent use in the operations of several brands. Some of these brands include: Kayak, Expedia, Hertz, and Hilton. You may have heard about the “Nearby Widget”.

Right before we delve into it, it is important for you to understand that Google will always gain higher rankings for GEO Targeted Pages since 2017. This is the case with GEO Targeting in SEO with GEO Landing Pages, following the update of Google’s Possum. But what does it take to build a great GEO Landing Page in 2021? Let’s get started.

Step 1: How to Create a GEO Targeted Landing Page (What You Already Know)

The efforts put into targeting local markets through the use of SEO, are in many cases limited to the elements that will be described below. Building GEO Targeted Landing Pages involves much more however, we will begin by considering these elements below as they are often put into practice:

  • Title Tag
    The Title Tag is made to contain the product’s or service name, and the location of the business offering the product or service. Say for instance we intend to create a GEO Landing Page for “Brand Design and Advertisement Services,” the primary way to build this for most SEO professionals will involve creating a GEO Landing Page with the service and its location made conspicuous. For example: “Advertisement Services in San Diego, California” There’s no harm done with this practice and it sure will provide appreciable results.
  • H1 (Header 1)
    The first header is usually made similar to the Title Tag in many SEO practices. In the case of the example cited above, the H1 tag could be “Best San Diego Advertisement Services.”
  • H2 (Header 2)
    The second header allows for the use of more keywords. But quite often, most SEOs do not utilize their H2s. A fitting example for the mock service above would be: “Looking for a great Advertisement Company in San Diego?”
  • Content (particular to the Location)
    The grave error Most SEOs make is in this regard is that they generalize their content. For a GEO targeted Landing Page, the content on such page must reflect and provide adequate information about the location. For our example, the content will become very applicable if it talks about other important features of the location ranging from the weather to the economy, population, important dates, beautiful spots for sightseeing, etc. Further streamlining of the content will include facts about the advertisement industry in Atlanta and the many strides attained. Providing streamlined content results in higher ranking which is predominantly determined by the quality of the content on the GEO targeted Landing Page.
    Ask us how we automate content by using the Smart Content Method.

Step 2: There Is More to Creating a GEO Targeted Landing Page (What You Don't Know)

The basics of building a GEO targeted Landing Page have been carefully highlighted above. But those who want more than just the basics, you get much more done with GEO Landing Pages. We are about to delve deep as promised — here are the things you need to know:

  • Images (Relevant to the Location)
    SEO professionals are guilty of channeling all their SEO efforts towards other aspects of their SEO campaign, nut often they forget the importance of images. The failure to optimize images is usually heavily reflected in a GEO Landing Page that lacks a unique image. Local Search Marketing endeavors require unique images on your GEO Landing Page. A unique image in this sense should have no prior presence on the internet. And it must be related to the topic and must resonate with the target audience. In my article “How to use SEO Optimized Images” I shed light on this important topic. To suit our example above, we will need to make sure that the image selected will have elements related to “advertising” and “San Diego”.
  • Display a physical location to represent the service
    The location of the business can be essential to running successful Local SEO campaign. A Local Search Optimization will be more  useful for Google if there a physical address on your GEO Targeted Landing Page. Google has many capabilities that will allow it decipher your address from the content on your Landing Page.
  • Google Map
    With your address on your Landing Page already, many people would tell you that it is important to embed a Google Map on your Landing Page. However, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. Google started to rank down GEO Landing Pages with their Google Map on it, did you know? Read more about it in my article “Does the Usage of Google Maps Affect Your SEO Rankings?

Step 3: Let's Take Things Even A Notch Higher!

Once you have implemented step 2, you will have the best Local Landing Page on your hands. But how can we do to make our GEO Landing Page outstanding:

  • Fresh Content (Content in-tune with time)
    We discussed how to “Get More Traffic Using the SEO Fresh Content Technique“.  To achieve this, the content on your page should accommodate variables that can be easily modified. With this, you would not need to totally update the entire content on your page as the changes you effect on these variables will keep your content fresh. In case you are wondering why you need smart content and shouldn’t do it manually, then think in terms of having to update hundreds and perhaps thousands of Landing Pages that you will create with time. Creating fresh content for each of the hundreds of pages regularly is a daunting task, hence you need content with easily modifiable variables.
  • The More Landing Pages, the Better
    Creating a GEO Landing Page for an area within a city is not sufficient. This is because a city is a makeup of several geographic sublets. In essence, you need to target each of these geographic sublets (counties, neighborhoods, places, etc.). That’s why you need to create more Landing Pages to target each of these places if you want very good results for the bigger target you have in mind. For San Diego which is our example, you need to create additional Landing Pages for La Mesa, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Point Loma and others. You also need to build Landing Pages for other nearby cities such as Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas, Escondido, etc.
  • Linking up the created GEO Targeted Locations
    To finally complete this step, you will need to bring all of your SEO GEO Targeted Locations together by linking all of them up. If for instance you have created a Landing Page for San Diego with the tag “Advertisement Company in San Diego, California,” and you have mentioned Oceanside, then you must ensure to include an anchor link to the Landing Page for Oceanside.

Step 4: Becoming the Unbeatable Local SEO Grandmaster

Having applied steps 1-3, your expertise of Local SEO should measure above average. This next step will equip you with all of the unknown and untapped SEO secrets and would make you a grandmaster of Local GEO Targeting.

These secrets are found in very important Local SEO tools which will help you solve the myriad challenges that forms bottlenecks for other SEO professionals. You need these tools to create a GEO Landing Page with exceptional capabilities as these SEO tools will allow you make complete sense of the steps highlighted in 1-3 above without wasting time and efforts, leading you to more productive work with new GEO Landing Pages.

Nearby Interlinking Method: The Optimum Local SEO Vicinity Tool

The “Nearby Interlinking Method” is a brilliant SEO tool whose work is powerful and all encompassing. I have found it to be particularly invaluable for several SEO techniques which include GEO funnel, GEO intelligence, or GEO-targeted Organic Lead Funnel. With this method, websites pages can provide a specified number of locations around the targeted location of the GEO Landing Page. One of the brilliant features of this method is its automatic location interlinking capability.

At the moment, the focus on GEO targeted Landing Pages is not pronounced because most SEO professionals do not focus on them. Travel companies mostly utilize GEO Targeted Landing Pages for their SEO.  Let us look at this example together:

As you can see from the screenshot above taken from www.skyscanner.com in 2020 on their landing page “Cheap Flights to Paris”, a GEO Location Tool is used to interlink Landing Pages by displaying the distance to other nearby locations such as Paris Charles de Gaulle”, “Paris Orly”, and “Amsterdam”.

Let’s have a look on another example:

Nearby Location Example

This example above from bark.com on their San Diego Landing Page for Dog Training under en/us/dog-training/california/san-diego/ (Screenshot from 2020) another GEO Location Tool is used by interlinking to other Landing Pages they deem to be Nearby to “San Diego.

As for Thumbtrack.com, they also have a GEO Location Tool that creates location at the end of their landing pages (example shows their page under lake-elsinore/handyman/) – see below:

Nearby Location Example

ILS by myers media group

If you are interested in tools like these, one of the developers involved in developing GEO location tools is the myers media group (MMG) in San Diego. They call their tool ILS (Internal Links). This tool is capable of interlinking hundred of thousands of Landing Pages and has been designed for Enterprise projects.

Nearby Widget by blue media marketing

As blue media marketing, we also have developed a tool for smaller and medium-size projects. It interlinks locations as some of the examples below have shown. Below is an example of blue media’s own tool called “Nearby Widget”:

GEO Targeting SEO Example

The most outstanding feature of our tool for example is the automatic sync and calculation of cities, towns, neighborhoods for each Landing Page created for a new location. This tool guarantees that all of the Landing Pages will receive regular updates.

SEO Benefits of the Nearby Widget

The Nearby Widget is a brilliant SEO tool with great benefits. It is an effective tool for SEO grandmasters, and its efficiency in the following areas is second to none:

  • Interlinking of Locations
    With this tool, all the targeted locations can be easily indexed. The Nearby Widget easily creates links to other locations and this allows Google follow the links and out weight on them. 
  • Unique Pages
    The Nearby Widget arranges pages and locations using different mileage number specifications to make each GEO Landing Page unique.
  • Location Metrics Analysis
    With the setup of Google Map and other Local SEO Tools, Google carefully analyzes the available mileage information and groups Landing Pages into GEO local parks with this information. Landing Pages with available mileage information are therefore considered much more by Google above others, and this will most likely lead to higher ranking than websites without GEO funnels.

Do I Need This?

The basic importance of GEO pages for businesses is the ease of providing services, products for audiences in specific areas. This is highly beneficial for every business in today’s competitive business landscape and it does hold the same benefit for businesses and branches that are not even considered brick and mortar.

The Science Behind the GEO Location Concept

The concept of utilizing a GEO Location tool through an interlinking tool as mentioned above has been around for some time.

The general idea is Search Engines such as Google to crawl pages more easily. For example, when Google crawls a GEO Landing Page “San Diego”, it would then follow the links to “Chicago” and “Miami” since they would be listed on the same page.


This is a concept also known as “Interlinking” or “Crosslinking” that has been around since the foundation of Google and was named from the founder of Google Larry Page:

The Stanford University discussed this method and concept as early as 1999 in their paper:

The concept of linking entities to each other by Larry Page however was adapted by the “Citation Index” that has been used in libraries since the 12th century:

Below are some good reads about the Citation Index:

The Citation Index then was adopted from the invention of the Encyclopedia which goes back 2000 years.

These concepts mentioned above such as “PageRank” in Search Engines, the “Citation Index” in Literature, and “Encyclopedia” all have in common that one source links to another source, and at the end, all sources are connect to each other. This original concept was known as a Circle-Concept, where the name “Cycle” from Latin derived and therefore “Encyclopedia” evolved as in “encircling information” — information that is connected to each other — today in SEO used as “Interlinking”, “Internal Links”, or “Link Juice”:

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About the Author
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. William Sen CEO and founder of blue media

William Sen has been an SEO since 2001 and is a Software Engineer since 1996, and has been working as an Associate Professor in Germany for the University of Dusseldorf and Cologne. He has been involved in developing custom SEO tools, large website and software projects. William has a PhD in Information Sciences and has worked for brands such as Expedia, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Bayer, Ford, T-Mobile and many more. He is the founder of blue media.

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