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Google is introducing FCF (First Click Free)

Google's new SEO Guidelines FCF Already in Effect

Have you ever noticed navigating through a website and instead of seeing content as expected, it’s blurred and blocked by a pop-up telling you to pay for the content?

So, what do you do? You close that screen and go to another source, right? Google has already announced that this tactic is considered to be spam and against the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Therefore, Google has started to enforce online businesses to provide users the opportunity to discover the content first, before they decide to buy called FCF (First Click Free). According to Google’s new Webmaster Guidelines users should be provided 50-100 words of the article first at least, before asking them to buy it.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. William Sen CEO and founder of Blue Media

Dr. William Sen has been an SEO since 2001 and is a Software Engineer since 1996, and has been teaching as an Associate Professor for some of the world's biggest universities. William has studied International Business at the University of California, Berkeley and among others holds a PhD in Information Sciences. He has worked for brands such as Expedia, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Bayer, Ford, T-Mobile and many more.

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