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Oceanside California is a place most people don’t regard highly for what it’s worth yet it’s one of the finest cities in California. Surprisingly enough, the name is unknown to many except by those who reside in it. What most people don’t know is that Oceanside maybe the Silicon Valley of San Diego and that it hoards one of the best marketing experts.

Why is that? Why do so many marketing experts live in Oceanside?

Do you believe in patterns of life? It’s when you conduct a research and find something that nobody else has discovered. Sometimes patterns may look odd – like apples and oranges.

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Here is the perfect example:

When you find out that real estate prices go high in a city, but at the same time younger people tend to leave the city – the two facts don’t seem to have any relation with each other. But when you look into it, it could also be an indicator that the market is dominated by conservative old schoolers who demand too much for old homes – and the whole price increase is nothing but a bubble. In fact, the real estate skyrocketing may even be an indicator that young people don’t even want to live there anymore, and the sellers are not even interested in selling and just put high price tags on them.

Pelikan in Oceanside, CaliforniaHere is another pattern that may not have to be related to each other: More than 200 SEO companies are already located in Oceanside, while they are about 550 SEO agencies in San Diego. However, San Diego has a population of about 3 million, while Oceanside, California has about 180,000. Isn’t it odd that so many SEO Companies are located in Oceanside? Is Oceanside the mecca of SEO and marketing agencies?

What’s going on here?

We have asked a couple SEOs why they have chosen to have their SEO headquarters located in Oceanside, California. And in almost all occurrences the answer was quite the same. They said that they had conducted a research and found out that Oceanside, California was the best place to invest in a business as it had the highest growth predictions of all cities in South California.

Wait a minute? Why do SEOs know about which city has the highest growth opportunity? Aren’t SEOs supposed to be experts in ranking websites?

Let’s dig deeper:

SEOs are considered one of the best research experts in digital marketing. Actually, most of their work is based on research.

But here is an explanation that will make sense:

SEO experts tend to find high search volume keywords – that means keywords that people search for. However, if SEOs can find high search volume keywords that are not being used by the competition, and still have high search volume, their content will be ranked on top of Google. Because in this case you would have found something with high demand, but nobody seems to have found it yet. As SEOs do so much research, they tend to find other things in life, too. Like the best price for a quadcopter you always wanted to buy. Or know about the bitcoins before everybody else. And sometimes they find this: It is like a city that everybody wants and is looking for but don’t know the name


Oceanside Beach in CaliforniaThat is the city you should live in and run your business because it’s cheap as not many people know about it. And that’s exactly the reason why SEO companies obviously found out through research that Oceanside is a hidden treasure: a city you should work and live in. To cut the long story short, if you are a researcher, you may spot Oceanside, California as the hidden treasure city pretty fast.

What did researchers find out?

The future job growth in Oceanside is being predicted as around 40% and compared to San Diego, Oceanside has much more people with higher income and much less with low incomes. That makes Oceanside one of the secret places that promise a golden future. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in California with the nicest weather yet it’s neither San Diego nor not Los Angeles just Oceanside! While San Diego has established a high-end lifestyle with real estate prices skyrocketing, Oceanside hasn’t really been discovered yet by many Californians.

Marc, one of the CEOs of a newly founded SEO company in Oceanside says: “We looked for a nice and also affordable place to have our first office in Southern California. I had been working for an SEO agency in San Diego for 6 years before they decided to move to rainy Seattle after a joint venture. I decided not to leave and eventually decided to run my own business. I did a little research based on economic growth, climate, reputation, and city planning. All indicators suggested that Oceanside was the place to have our first office for our great startup company. So we rented this beautiful spot at Oceanside and we couldn’t be happier”.

There you have it!


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