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At Blue Media, we embrace a vibrant and innovative culture, mirroring mindset and freshness of a youthful enterprise. We’re constantly on our toes, eagerly adopting the latest in technology and adapting to the ever-evolving SEO world. This approach keeps us sharp and ahead of the curve in both knowledge and technology.

Our journey has been a mix of seasoned experience and a continuously refreshed, energetic vibe. It’s this exciting and engaging environment that encourages our team members to stay with us for the long haul.

To dive into the story of how Blue Media has evolved and thrived over the years, check out our company history.

Connor has been an SEO and Online Marketing Professional for over 11 years, working with large companies including Microsoft, Intuit, and more. In the past, he’s managed SEO Managers and Specialists, developed strong relationships with clients, and created robust SEO campaigns. His specialties include: SEM/SEO, Analytics, Conversion Funnels, and GEO Intelligence.
Connor Bringas VP of SEO
William holds a PhD in Computer & Information Sciences. He has over 25 years of experience developing software, creating online marketing campaigns for international companies, and has been an SEO professional since 2001. His specialities include SEO, YouTube SEO, Software Engineering and Research. He also has been teaching as an associate professor for more than 10 years at Germany’s largest university TH Köln.
Dr. William Sen Lead SEO Software Engineer
Dustin has been an SEO Strategist for over 10 years and working for some of the largest enterprise brands in the world with global reach. He has experience with managing large teams, building efficient workflows, and implementing new processes and strategies. He is an investing partner at blue media and is also responsible for creating new and successful client relationships.
Dustin de Koekkoek Dustin de Koekkoek SEO Director
Jana has been with us for more than 15 years. As the procurator, she is responsible for strategic accounting, growth and controlling . Before Jana worked for us, she was an accountant and project manager for one of the largest Social Listening Software developers in Germany. She has also worked for a scientific research organization and as a senior project manager in e-learning.
Jana Sen Finance Supervisor
Andrew is specialized in Accounting within the Marketing and IT branch. He is responsible for accounting/bookkeeping, corporate taxes, payroll, as well as budgeting, and controlling. Andrew has his degree in accounting and has been working as an Accountant for more than 10 years. If you thought that our SEOs are "number crunchers", then you haven't met Andrew yet.
Andrew Evans HR & Finance Manager
Pavel has been an SEO Strategist with more than 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Before he joined blue media he was working as a Digital Marketing Consultant for several SEO agencies that provided SEO services for small to-medium-size businesses as well as Fortune 500 brands, in a variety of competitive areas including health care, B2B, education, and finance.
Pavel Pavel Khaykin SEO Manager
Colton has been an SEO and PPC expert since he launched his career working for top-notch SEO and marketing agencies throughout the U.S. His specialties are Core Web Vital Optimization, Goal Tracking, Extended Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis. Colton is also an excellent judge when it comes to converting Landing Pages, and recommending Wireframes, Conversion Funnels for sales-driven websites overall.
Colton Colton Dover SEO Specialist
Jake has been an SEO Strategist & Web Developer for more than 11 years. Before joining blue media he worked for companies ranging from small businesses to large national franchises, in a variety of markets including health care, home improvement, solar, and B2B/B2C industries overall. Jake is also an instructor at UCLA’s Extension for Graduate Level Marketing, teaching GMB and SEO.
Jake Jacob Heinrichs SEO Specialist
Meet Erin, a savvy marketer with a whopping 8 years of experience under her belt, specializing in SEO for 7 of them! She's driven by a desire to stay at the forefront of marketing trends and is always seeking out new ways to enhance brand awareness and drive revenue growth for her clients. With a passion for account management and a keen eye for detail, Erin is the perfect project manager to help to take our client's brands to the next level.
Erin Erin Munson SEO Specialist
Jessica is the SEO and Web Developer with a laser focus on crafting dynamic digital experiences that elevate brands to new heights. Jessia is a true WordPress and Squarespace aficionado, she's also well-versed in the art of Shopify and Wix, making her the ultimate multi-tasker. As a seasoned marketing expert, Jessica is always one step ahead of the curve, constantly seeking out innovative ways to boost brand visibility and drive growth.
Jessica Jessica Paredes SEO Specialist
Joshua is a WordPress wizard with a decade of web development experience under his belt! Joshua is a master at growing brand presence and expanding reach in the digital world. With a focus on SEO, he's a trailblazer using tactics to drive traffic, boost engagement, and enhance visibility. Joshua also has a knack for the nitty-gritty of day-to-day site management, ensuring that websites run smoothly.
Joshua Josh Warmke SEO Specialist
Brittany is an SEO expert with over eight years in marketing, complemented by a decade of leadership and project management experience from her time in the Air Force. She specializes in developing and implementing comprehensive SEO strategies. We're fortunate to have her expertise on our team. Thanks for your service, Brittany!
Brittany Brittany Allen SEO Specialist
For over half a decade, Corey has been a dedicated SEO Specialist, collaborating with both digital marketing agencies and startups. His expertise lies in implementing strategic SEO practices that drive increased, yet high-quality traffic and conversions for his clients. He's deeply passionate about unlocking the full potential of online visibility and ensuring that businesses achieve their digital marketing goals.
Corey Corey Fox SEO Specialist
Iris Schwarz is mainly responsible for the areas Spain and Germany as SEO Specialist. She leads our Content Team in Germany and ensures that our clients receive SEO texts of the highest quality. Iris is above all an expert in the insurance industry and has been working in marketing since 1995.
Iris Schwartz SEO Specialist
As an SEO Specialist right from San Diego, California, Mikey works for several clients across the United States. As an SEO Assistant, Mikey helps maintain SEO content on our client's websites, performs reviews and continuous audits to assure the SEO quality of content, meta data, and keyword utilization. Mikey is the guarantee of high-quality deliverables.
Mikey Marusak SEO Specialist
Haley is a well-diversified SEO copywriter with nearly a decade of experience. She specializes in automotive, financial, business-related, and management content. Haley is passionate about researching and creating unique content that informs and inspires readers. Haley is also in charge of the SEO Writing Team at blue media.
Haley B. Haley Bruce Content Manager
Greg is a PPC expert and an innovative digital marketing consultant. His specialties include: Google Ads, account audits, paid social media, and keyword targeting among others. He is a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA), the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and the Society of Modern Journalists.
Greg Mays PPC Specialist
Flavia is a product, web, and UX/UI designer. She has been developing artwork and mockups for hundreds of products sold at Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and many more. She is also a social media design expert and creates stunning infographics, case studies, and presentations. Flavia is a graduate with Honors at Europe's flagship institution, the University of Fine Arts (LABA) in Florence.
Flavia Devetag UX/UI Designer
Michael Benninger is a pure SEO writer. He has previously worked for numerous marketing companies and we are glad to have him by our side. Above all, Michael is a dedicated researcher since all his work is the result of intensive research. That makes Michael not only an SEO Writer, but also an advanced SEO Researcher.
Michael Benninger Senior SEO Writer
As a highly trained daily newspaper editor with many years of media and PR experience in business IT, Bianka will get your point across. Whether it’s blog posts, press releases, or professional articles — Bianka connects information to stories that inspire, connect, and sell. Bianka's specialty is technology and social media.
Bianka Boock Senior SEO Writer
Kristen is an SEO content writer and editor who has worked in SEO, marketing, and editorial for clients in healthcare, insurance, finance, broadcast media, and national restaurant brands.
Kristen Kristen Ingle SEO Content Writer
Leah is an experienced SEO writer and enjoys writing content with color. Leah is an American multimedia journalist and content creator. In addition to working as a writer and sub-editor of the Bangkok Post newspaper, she has produced television news for international networks including Channel News Asia in Tel Aviv, and hosted radio programs in the United States.
Leah Carter Senior SEO Writer
Ruth is responsible for our international clients. As a trained linguist, she is primarily responsible for our British-English-speaking clients such as Ireland and the United Kingdom. As a writer Ruth has written articles for numerous magazines and journals and is still a passionate journalist today.
Ruth Amolo SEO Writer
If there was a competition for the fastest scribes, Fash would be listed in the Guinness Book of Records: He's one of our fastest writers. Fash is primarily responsible for projects dealing with mass text content such as our affiliate projects. Fash is a trained journalist and is also an SEO expert. He has been writing since childhood and has made writing his full-time hobby.
Fash Fasoranti SEO Writer
Ahsan is an expert in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5. He has been creating markups for large enterprises and is known for his attachment to detail when it comes to front end website development. He worked for several marketing agencies and has a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to developing converting and riveting squeeze pages for SEO and PPC purposes.
Ahsan Habib Senior Web Developer
Emerich Brenndörfer has been a Web Developer since almost the beginning of the web. He is not just an expert on the ecosystems and frameworks of Joomla and WordPress, but has a comprehensive knowledge and experience and coding experience in PHP, HTML, XHTML, Ajax, CSS and JavaScript. When it comes to have astonishing results for responsive web development with sophisticated UX/UI features with SEO items intact, this is where Emerich flourishes.
Emerich Emerich Brenndorfer Senior Software Developer

Client Experience

Blue Media Marketing, Inc.

Premier SEO Partner for Shark Tank's Company Picks

Blue Media is the SEO Agency for companies that have made their mark on ABC’s Shark Tank. Our mission is to boost the online success of these innovative Shark Tank selections, reflecting entrepreneurial spirit showcased on the show.

Shark Banner

* Shark Shank is an ABC TV series with which Blue Media has no direct affiliation. However, we have provided SEO services to several companies that have pitched their business ideas on Shark Shank and have subsequently secured investments from one or more judges on the show. Our involvement with these companies has been strictly as an SEO or SEM service provider.

Hugo Boss Ford Fan Award Pricewaterhouse Coopers Inspire Energy Unique Solar

Hugo Boss Fragrances

How Traffic Increased 3,000%

Given the task to increase sales during Christmas, blue media's team achieved an unbelievable growth of 3,000% plus in traffic in November and December for Hugo Boss.


Ford Motor Company

First Social Media Campaign in the Automobile Industry

The Ford FanAward was the first successful Social Media Campaign in the German car industry, and it was launched by the blue media team


Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Finding Future Trends for PwC

Pricewaterhouse Coopers had the most exceptional SEO request for the blue media team: Target decision makers only.


Inspire Energy

Generating Leads Through SEO

Inspire was one of the Energy Companies that took advantage of the deregulated U.S. Energy market and needed help with SEO


Unique Solar

Website Development & Paid Search

We developed a website for Unique Solar after a Competitive Teardown, and launched a successful Paid Search Campaign

Client Reviews
What Types of Businesses We Work With
Health Care Industry
SEO for the Health Care Industry
Doctors, Medical Professionals, Medical Offices, Urgent Care Centers
Law Firms
SEo for Law Firms
Specialized Law Firms such as for Personal Injury, Mediation Services, and more.
eCommerce Businesses
SEO for E-Commerce

Online shops and online services, where users make purchase on the website.

SEO for Dentists
Doctors, Medical Professionals, Medical Offices, Urgent Care Centers
Doctors, Medical Professionals, Medical Offices, Urgent Care Centers
SaaS Companies
SEO for SaaS Companies
Doctors, Medical Professionals, Medical Offices, Urgent Care Centers
Location Based Businesses
Location Based SEO

Businesses with a store front such as gyms, stores, restaurants, event locations, and more.

Service Based Businesses
SEO for Service Based Companies

HVAC, Roofers, Pest Control, Landscapers, Painters, Therapists, House Keepers, and more.

Financial Institutions
SEO for Financial Organizations

Loan Companies and other forms of financial institutions for business and personal.

SEO for the Education Industry

Universities, colleges, and schools domestic and international.

SEO for NGOs

Non-Profit-Organizations that are not associated with any government.

Energy Business
SEO Services for Solar Panels

Solar Panel Companies, Gas and Electric Company in Deragulated Markets, and more.

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Our Headquarters

Blue Media Marketing, Inc.

Our headquarters is located in sunny San Diego, California, but we provide solutions all around the United States. We also have worked and have been working with international clients such as from China, Ireland, Australia, and Germany.
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