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Paid Search & SEO in the Manufacturing Industry


SEO and Paid Search for manufacturing industries deal mostly with B2B clients which makes this business a unique one.

In the manufacturing business, the sale of products is one of the main aspects and the points below have to be applied if the SEO and Paid Search campaign is to be successful:

Quality and User Expectation

Special attention must be paid to the online presentation of products, brands, and promises. B2B potential leads and buyers pay particular attention to warranties, quality features, delivery conditions, speed, accreditation, prices, and other securities. Especially when performing SEO & Paid Search, it is important that the visitor immediately recognizes these features and does not click off after visiting these websites. The amount of traffic is not the most important key here – the success of a campaign is measured by the fact that the user actually finds the expected offers and features after they have clicked on the search results.

SEM & Paid Search in Niche Industries

Depending on the industry, a lot of expert knowledge may be available on the website. But in some cases, just the opposite may be the case: the user is aware of their needs, but there is not enough relevant content on the website or page. The content on your web site can easily scare a user off with too much expert knowledge. On the other hand, simplified explanations can radiate incompetence and deter experts who know exactly what they need. Therefore, the target group must be researched for every industry and business in manufacturing, so that the content offered appeals to them.

blue media builds on the target group of specifically produced pages within the website. These have several functions:

  1. Addressing the target group accordingly
  2. Adequate presentation in the search result pages on search engines
  3. Make sure the user stays on the site and is engaged

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SEO in the Manufacturing Industry

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