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Our SEO & Paid Search Experience Based on Industry

Our Industry Experience

Automobile Industry SEO for the Automobile Industry

We provided services for Ford, BMW and also for smaller local companies

Sports, Yoga & Meditation SEO in the Sports & Meditation Industry

Our clients include Yoga, Meditation and brick and mortar sports clubs

Energy Industry SEO for the Energy Industry

We're SEM & SEO specialists in the energy and renewable energy business!

Solar Panel Industry SEO/PPC for the Solar Panel Industry

We have been providing SEO & PPC services for Solar Panel Vendors for many years

Construction Business SEO in Construction Business

One of the most complex industries there is, and yet we have been providing SEM/SEO services

Travel Industry SEO in Travel Industry

We are GEO Targeting and Intelligence experts and have been working for the big brands

Manufacturing Industry SEO in Manufacturing Industry

BLUE MEDIA has been providing SEM/SEO services in the manufacturing and B2B business

Marketing Agencies SEO in the Marketing Industry

We've been helping Marketing Agencies to get more attention from decision makers

Software & SaaS Industry SEO for Software & SaaS Developers

We have been providing SEO for the software or/and SaaS services to create some noise

Health Care & Medicine SEO for Health Care & Medicine

Health Care is one of the most sensitive industries, and we've been there!

Dental SEO Dental SEO

SEO Services for Dentist Offices and Dentist Clinics

SEO for Lawyers SEO for Lawyers

Learn how SEO in the legal industry works

SEO for Moving Companies SEO for Moving Companies

Learn how to conduct SEO if you're a Relocation & Moving Company

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Jurgen Schmerler, CEO of VerifiR (San Diego, California)
“We've been working with BLUE MEDIA for years, and it’s been an amazing experience with results we never would have thought were possible.”

The BLUE MEDIA team consisting of SEM, SEO, Web Development and Social Media Marketing experts have been providing services since 2001 – that’s more than 17 years of experience.

During this time, we’ve served more than 300 clients, including big brands such as Ford, Bayer, Tabasco, T-Mobile, and many more. One of our USPs is our vast experience in different industries. Below is a small selection of industries we have been serving:

Automobile Industry

Our team has been been providing SEO and Social research for companies such as BMW. One of our most successful campaigns actually was the Ford FanAward. It was the first Social Media Campaign ever launched in 2003 by Dr. William Sen – project manager of BLUE MEDIA. He was responsible for the website development, the campaign overall including an enormously successful SEO campaign.

Energy Industry

BLUE MEDIA has served more than 3 large energy companies in the  energy providers over the last 15 years – one 1 of them being one of the largest energy companies with more than $5.5 billion yearly revenue and more than 10,000 employees. You sure won’t find SEM/SEO experts with that many years of corporate experience.  One our current clients is Inspire Energy– a renewable energy company providing smart home services.

Health Care & Medicine

We have been providing Website Development and SEO for many local businesses. We have also consulted Integrated Delivery Systems (IDS) and Networh of Health Care Organizations. We know all about the specifics when dealing with certain terminology, Prescription Drug Sale regulations, and the subtleties of the medicine industry. BLUE MEDIA’s team also worked with Bayer Healthcare and monitored many product launches.

Construction Business

We launched the first Blog in the industry for one of the largest Prefabricated Home Companies Schworer and until today, we consult them when it comes to GEO targeting and intelligence. Over the last years, we also got engaged in construction management. Construction is one of the most sensitive industries as it needs quality leads instead of generating masses over traffic to a website.

Travel Industry

One of our strength is the travel industry. Over the years, members of our SEM/SEO team have been providing services for the world’s largest travel brands with revenues over $8 billion, responsible for Google AdWords accounts with a yearly revenue of $200 million per quarter. Our team has also been providing in-depth Social Media Marketing Research services for Thomas Cook for more than 5 years. If you’re looking for SEM/SEO experts with a tremendous experience in GEO intelligence, you should talk to us to learn more. 

As BLUE MEDIA has been engaged in more than 300 projects over the last 17 years, our scale of expertise can’t be fully listed. Below is a selection list of industries where you will be able to talk to one of our project managers about:

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