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How to Become an SEO Terraformer


The SEO 2080 Concept is an innovation model developed by the founders of blue media – and it’s blue media’s most valued proposition and USP. The concept provides an approach in which every campaign contains 20% basic SEO processes, while the other 80% is a tailored and innovative process.

While some SEO companies tend to offer packaged SEO, SEO 2080 offers a specific approach tailored to each business and their goals. blue media believes that every client has a different and unique story, and thus a standardized SEO process can’t be applied. Therefore, a successful SEO campaign has to offer more than just basic SEO processes. Our SEO campaigns are creative, innovative, and designed to target each company’s audience. blue media believes that SEO is a helper agent of the overall company strategy and must be a part of that innovative process. To do so, the SEO campaign itself must be able to adapt to the client’s strategy.

The Potentials of a Tailored SEO Campaign

2080 SEO Method

Instead of producing videos based on desire, mood, and then hoping for the best — a strategic approach ensures success through research.

How to be an SEO Innovator

Don’t be a follower, be a leader: As simple and well-known this slogan might be, it perfectly suits SEO. If you follow SEO trends, you will only do the same things your competition does. Thus, you won’t be able to outrank them.

An SEO innovator has to come up with new SEO concepts and ideas, as well as offer SEO innovation that no other SEO agency can provide. This is easier said than done, since the agency you are relying on has to possess proprietary SEO knowledge that is not available to other SEO companies.

SEO Innovator Examples

SEO Terraformer

In order to be better than any other agency, we have to surpass the usual SEO sphere and go where no other agency has gone before. Among others this philosophy is a part of the 360° Digital Marketing Approach: Only when we identify and understand the goals and tools of the whole marketing endeavour of the client, will we be able to create an SEO strategy that is unique.

That way we also make sure that our SEO strategy opens the door for other existing or planned marketing channels to be successful.

Once established, our philosophy is to always seek new creative approaches.

Below are some examples of such SEO engagements

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