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Paid Search & SEO Services in the Energy Business


The blue media team has been performing SEO and Paid Search services for energy businesses for more than 13 years. Back then, and even today, SEO/SEM companies specializing in the renewable energy business are rare. The blue media team was one of the first to be a part of this very specific and profound business in 2005.

We first started to work for German companies as Germany created the world’s first major renewable energy economy. Germany had already started to privatize and deregulate the energy business in 2004. A year later, the side effect of the energy revolution made the market extremely competitive in Germany. Even so, blue media’s team was already a trusted partner engaging in Paid Search, and SEO GEO intelligence for the largest German companies in the renewable energy and energy market overall.

Power Utilities and Automation Systems

A couple of years later, we were working for several companies engaged in the energy business. Since then, blue media’s team has kept its pace, and today we are helping renewable energy businesses with their SEO and SEM endeavors all around the United States. Whatever your specific need may be for Paid Search or SEO, for instance: oil/gas, electricity, electric power, as well as smart home automation devices, and services (power utilities), you can use our renowned experience in the industry.

Deregulated Energy Markets in the USA

The energy business is just being privatized in the USA, and more and more States are being deregulated every year. As of 2019 only 12 states so far have been deregulated, which is only 24% – among them: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Maryland.

Deregulated Energy Business USA
Industry watcher, Deloitte, in their 2018 report states that the generation of renewable energy has doubled since 2017. In the next 5-10 years, there is an expected increase of more than 1,800% in this business. And yet, only a few energy companies have effectively engaged in a holistic online marketing process. The conservative nature of business is an issue that continues to stand in the wider way of adopting SEO/SEM. Many companies we talked to seem not to know what SEO or SEM is or how it can help them capture new leads.

And yet, the companies we work for, who understand the impact of SEO in evolving new businesses, have started to see enormous increases in organic conversions – this means, for example, people who find the company through Google Search and leave their addresses to be contacted by the company’s sales representative. Most of all, SEO is more cost-effective than traditional ads in getting renewable energy products/services to domestic and international markets.

However, we do not work solely with large enterprises: smaller renewable energy operations can also profit from our vast knowledge in this space. One of them is Inspire Energy: another energy company trying to get a hold of this very new but enormously evolving business in the United States. Inspire Energy have engaged us to make sure they are in the lead as one of the biggest players in the future when it comes to online visibility.

Energy Market from a Paid Search Standpoint

Setting up a Paid Search campaign can be done in a day, however getting the conversions and a high quality score requires years of experience. It involves keyword grouping experiments, keyword research, user behavior knowledge, and analysis. Paid Search is one of the most time-consuming efforts in online marketing. To set up your paid search campaign right, you need to have a deep understanding of the renewable energy business, how consumers convert, and what they are looking for. As the energy industry constantly evolves, and consumer expectations change from month to month, it’s imperative that research for a Paid Search campaign for energy providers is done continuously. The earlier you start with your campaign and research, the more lessons learned and data you will gather. That kind of analysis usually takes months to comprehend and transition into a paid search campaign.

Energy Market from an SEO Standpoint

Investing in SEO as early as possible has a major advantage: The ones who capture most of the organic traffic and keywords first will become first movers in the eyes of search engines such as Google. It will be very difficult for second movers in this business to recapture traffic that has been utilized already by the competition. Don’t waste any more time and start with SEO to position yourself in capturing a growing customer base in this promising business as early as possible. If you don’t move with speed the competitors and second movers may take away your traffic. The longer your website with the appropriate SEO funnel is online, the more Google Trust you will earn. That means, no matter how strong or great the SEO campaigns of other competitors may be afterward, Google will always favor your content if you were there before anybody else. You will be able to establish yourself as an authority in the energy market by being visible on the top positions of Google.

With the right SEM & SEO, we can make sure that this traffic and conversions are being maintained with the most effective Paid Search & SEO strategy. If you start earlier than your competitors and second movers, they will have a hard time recapturing the organic traffic and Paid Search knowledge your business has already acquired.

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