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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

How to Run and Maintain a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

BlUE MEDIA’s Facebook Ad Portfolio

Banner Design

The ad banner fulfills more than just to get the attention of the user, because what good is an ad banner when lots of people click on it but you don’t get the conversions you need. One of the main aspects is user expectation. A good ad banner will fulfill the expectation and therefore will create more conversions.


One of the most efficient ways to create conversions is Facebook re-marketing: This technology allows us to follow your leads around the web and provide offers based on their behavior and search history.

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Target Audience

Setting up a the target audience goes beyond what Facebook offers. Before setting up the target audience through the Facebook Ad application, a thorough research about the target audience has to be conducted on different sources such as ESRI – the largest consumer database. Besides, the website analytics and CRM data will help even more to determine which groups the campaign should target.

Landing Page / Squeeze Page/ Lead Page

Where do you lead your users, when they click on the ad? The page must be designed solely for each Ad campaign and should not be just a page with conversion buttons such as “sign up” from your existing website. The landing page follows the corporate message and design of the ad banner and text itself and can only be used as a successful converting tool when certain guidelines are followed.

Analytics & Monitoring

Only a great analytics reports will provide lessons learned from which next AdWords can benefit from. Key Takeaways from past Ad Campaigns are as important as the monitoring process of currently running ads.

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