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Today as of 2019, creating and driving traffic to a solar website is no longer of great importance. The task of an SEO campaign is primarily to drive qualitative leads to the website, i.e. users who have a priority one need for solar panels and are willing to fill out a form and contact the solar panel company. Thus, conversion is much more important than just traffic.

Requirements for Creating Leads for the Solar Panel Industry

In residential areas, home owners interested in solar panels usually install solar panels to their homes once in the life. They typically visit at an average of 10-15 solar vendor sites in their area and make 1-3 inquiries to different vendors who seem to be most promising and trust worthy. In conclusion, home owners contact about 6 to 20 percent of the solar panel vendor websites they visit.

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Solar Panel SEOThe commercial section works similar, whereas it’s not necessarily the decision maker who conducts the first search on the search engines, but somebody more low-level. You might end up talking to the decision maker, but it’s important to know that he or she has already gotten a preselected list of potential solar panel providers. We know exactly how searches are being conducted and what criteria is being used to evaluate solar panel vendors in the commercial sector. We can make sure that your company is among the selected solar panel companies, when a decision maker receives a list of pre-selected potential solar power companies from his/her assistance.

Therefore, it is of importance to know which criteria on a page gives the users the confidence to see them as their potential the solar panel company. Since we have been running SEO and PPC campaigns for the solar industry for many years, we will make sure that your company will be among the providers that receive a request.

Successful SEO & PPC Strategies for Solar Installation Companies

With a strategically planned SEO and PPC campaign, our clients offering solar panels have increased their chances of getting high quality leads through their website by more than 5 times as much—that is a success of 500% if you look at it that way. We can usually see first results already in the first 4 weeks, where first leads and requests thanks to the SEO and/or PPC campaign are usually expected within 6 weeks.

Requirements for an SEO and PPC campaign in the solar industry

For solar panel providers, SEO and Paid Search pose special challenges in online marketing. If someone interested in solar panels, they will need messages of confidence on the page to make a request to the solar energy company.

BLUE MEDIA specializes in building pages that result in a high conversion rates, meaning that the user also fills out a form with their data so that the solar company can contact him/her.

Our SEO campaign includes:

It becomes already clear from our service conduct that SEO and PPC campaigns for the solar industry goes beyond the classic SEO/PPC.

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