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SEO Services for Sports Businesses


blue media provides services for brick and mortar fitness locations as well as for online fitness businesses across the U.S.

Online Fitness

Online fitness such as Yoga, Pilates, Weight Sculpting, Bootcamps, and Workouts are becoming more and more popular, as people tend to have less time, and want to work out from home. To apply SEO and paid search/PPC tactics for these branches, blue media has developed some specific, and also unique, methods of acquiring data in order to advertise to the right target groups. Don’t miss our article about the Online Yoga Industry Declining in the US.

Brick & Mortar Fitness

SEO Fitness

Over the years we have worked for several brands, including online yoga, brick and mortar fitness franchises, and independent studios; including boxing and martial arts gyms. Be sure to read our article, which covers brick and mortar business for online yoga businesses in the chapter “A Word on Brick & Mortar Yoga Studios“.

One of the biggest challenges of SEO and PPC is to target the right audience. Many people are interested in browsing and understanding what is available. These “researchers” or “snoopers” are called the tier 2 and 3 interest groups, and their conversion rates are usually very low. It’s a common mistake to target these groups when starting with SEO and PPC, as they seem to have a high search volume and interest, but few or no conversions.

In PPC this often leads to a higher budget spent, with little to no conversions accomplished.

In SEO it’s a common mistake to create massive SEO content which drives lots of traffic to a website, but doesn’t actually gain more customers.

We’ve been there, and we know how to get the most out of your budget!

The main challenge is to target so-called Tier 1 people. On one hand, Tier 1 groups tend to subscribe quickly as they are the target audience. On the other hand, targeting and identifying tier 1 groups is only possible if you have certain experience in the space of brick and mortar and online fitness businesses.

Ask us more about the specific details of this business, and about how we can help you.

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Our headquarters is located in sunny San Diego, California, but we provide solutions all around the United States.

We also have worked and have been working with international clients such as from China, Ireland, Australia, and Germany.


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