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Performing SEO for than 17 Years in Automobile Sector


The blue media team has been providing services to the automobile industry for more than 17 years. We started our first campaign with the Ford Motor Company in 2004.

Our Success Story with the Ford Motor Company

In 2003 SEO was called “Web Positioning” – that was the time when the blue media team recognized how this solution was undeniably significant and for that reason, it was already conducting web research and positioning company websites on top of Google.

In 2003, the automobile industry did not have a strong organic presence on Google yet. While the automobile industry was struggling to understand the web, Web 2.0 was already trending. However, Ford Motor Company judiciously launched its first web research project with blue media’s team. In a nutshell, our team was one of the pioneer companies around that time specializing in
SEO and Social Media Research.

After 2 months of intensive research, we discovered that most of the opinion-forming to buy cars was conducted through online forums. blue media’s team recommended starting a social media campaign and the “Ford FanAward” was born. It’s the very first social media campaign the Ford Motor Company had ever started, and it turned out to be one of the most successful social media campaigns in the history of social media to this day.

What blue media’s team did for Ford Motor Company

In addition to conducting research and recommending a social campaign, blue media’s team drafted said campaign, and designed and developed the Ford FanAward website from scratch. In keeping Ford’s content relevant for search engines and its users blue media ran a continuous SEO campaign for more than 10 years for the Motor Company, working hand in hand with Ford’s marketing and PR agency Edelman – an agency with a yearly revenue of $855 million and 5,850 employees.

Other Automobile Companies

SEO in Automobile Industry

In the past 5 years, blue media’s team has also conducted research for BMW. As a matter of fact, we have been working for several car dealers, both large and small, around the globe – performing SEO, SEM, and Web Development. The auto business is highly competitive so blue media has helped those companies get quality prospects online.

Clearly, our approach is different because we emphasize on what works for the business. As an SEO company, we understand the automobile business. The reality is we have been doing this longer than any other SEM/SEO agency we know of in the market.

Read all about our success with the Ford Motor Company: First Social Media Campaign in the Automobile Industry.

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