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More than 15 years of Dental SEO Experience

At BLUE MEDIA Marketing, our team has been providing SEO and PPC/AdWords services for dentists for more than 15 years. SEO services in the dental sector are known as “Dental SEO” as they follow different disciplines. Even though Dental SEO is a part of Health Care SEO, it needs specific requirements tailored to Dentists and their target audience.

One of the main aspects of Dental SEO is the way how users need to be converted. Below are some examples that make Dental SEO special:

SEO Keyword Research for Dentists

DentistDepending on the services provided by the Dentist or the Dental Practice, some keywords seem to be very obvious to be used in an SEO campaign. However, using the most common keywords for specific dental services can also be contra productive. Since the competition in certain areas can be very high, SEO specialists with years of experience in the dental industry tend to use keywords with less competition, but high demand. Finding these kind of specific keywords can be a great challenge. Once researched and identified, SEO specialists with the necessary research experience in the dental industry can utilize more elaborate Dental SEO keywords in order to rank the Dental Office’s website higher than the competitor’s.

Conversions in the Dental Industry

One of the most disregarded tasks in Dental SEO is the conversion. While many SEOs tend to bring traffic by creating interesting articles on the Dental Office’s website, the most important goal of an SEO campaign is often disregarded: not the traffic is the key to success, but the conversion:

How can the website capture the user in a way, where he/she decides to contact the dental office by calling or filling out a form?

The reasons for the user to contact the dental practice need to be provided by the SEO specialist with experience in the dental industry. The challenge is the creation and placement of effective Call-to-Action Elements on certain pages of the website. An SEO expert with elaborate experience in Dental SEO knows how to motivate potential patients to contact the dentist’s office by placing the right Elements on the right place inside the content  — content that has solely been created for this purpose, and with knowledge of SEO marketing psychology.

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Local SEO for Dental Offices

More than in any other industry, the dental business is dependent on Local SEO. However, Local SEO is one of the most niche and complicated products in the SEO space, meaning that only a few SEO agencies are specialized in this area. That’s why the most dental offices are prone to commit to Local Dentist Listing Website Portals rather than performing SEO since they can’t find the suitable SEO company with the necessary Local SEO power.

Secrets about Dental SEO – Did you know?

If a patient seeks for dental services in the area, she/he will be flooded with dental listings by third-party providers. This is due to the great marketing efforts of these listing companies that usually charge you for your dental office’s website entry on a monthly basis. These listings which list standardized information among other competitors can’t be compared to what your website can provide in regards of trust —  the one element every patient needs before he/she commits to a dental treatment. Besides, these listings are competing with your own website. The more you commit to these listings, the less your website’s ranking will be.

BLUE MEDIA’s Dental SEO Specialization

BLUE MEDIA SEO is specialized to capture potential clients for Dental Practices and Dental Clinics specialized in these dental areas:


Kenneth K., MD (Maya Clinic, San Diego County, California)
“It's the first time since 10 years that our website is know showing up on top of Google and actually bringing in patients. Before, we would spend time and budget on dentist listings that tried to constantly upsell us with more or less successful results.”
Stan D., MD (North Valley Dental Clinic)
“I'm very happy and appreciate BLUE MEDIA's dedication to detail and expertise. I highly recommend BLUE MEDIA as an SEO company without hesitation.”
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